How Do I Get My Employees to Track Time?

Part 2 of 2: From the Employees Point of View

Employee Time Card

Save Moses, almost no one responds well to an unyielding commandment from on high. This is why employee time tracking is often difficult to implement for businesses in the real world. Employees sometimes view the new tool skeptically, wondering, “What’s in it for me?”

To get employees to use something everyday, they need to feel empowered by it. So shift the tone from the start when it comes to the company-wide adoption of a new technology. It’s not about an employer’s micromanaging. It’s about the employees’ freedom. It’s about getting rid of time wasters and letting them focus on what they’re really good at: their jobs.

At TSheets, we spark love between employees and time tracking. In fact, it’s in our brand DNA. We ♥ employees. And they love us back. Here’s why.

Workplace Flexibility

Time tracking has amazing side effects. When it’s easy to clock in and out, no matter where you are, employees have more flexibility while still staying accountable to project managers and coworkers alike. So with cloud-based time management from TSheets, working from home or on the road just took on new levels of “this is totally manageable.” It’s where freedom meets responsibility.

Realistic Expectations

Tracking time to specific projects, job codes or clients, with the ability to take notes, opens the door to a more realistic way of viewing the working day. If someone is overloaded or if a project is taking more time than anticipated, expectations can shift in real time. The ability to accurately track how long a job takes is the best way to forecast-and ultimately ease tension between managers and team members. This sets the employee up for success, time and again.

Productivity Means Respect

Time tracking ends boss check-ins and co-worker interruptions through better transparency. The TSheets Who’s Working feature opens the door to a productivity portal. When employees can see who else is one the clock, and what they’re working on, they get the gist of the big picture, and get a boost of motivation. It streamlines workflows, sometimes organically. Best of all, when employees have paid time off, they can show that too, and get contacted less from the office when at home. Personal time, for the win.

Get Employees On Board

TSheets offers a free two-week trial. So sign up now-then ask your key employees to join one of our free webinars. Once they learn TSheets, they’ll love TSheets. Our customer service team works in-house at TSheets HQ to go above and beyond, especially in those crucial early stages, to make set up and on boarding easy for everyone.

TSheets is AMAZING! Our company absolutely could not live without this phenomenal time tracking tool! WHY? Because our employees LOVE IT… Which means they actually USE IT! MPA Computers

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