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Introducing the only time tracking app for Intuit Online Payroll

Shawna Aho, Small Business Solutions Guru and Accounting Professional with STAC Bizness Solutions LLC, loves to crunch the numbers.

But that doesn’t mean she loves entering those numbers manually.

STAC Bizness Solutions team specializes in Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Quickbooks services and solutions for any size business.

Shawna, along with 300,000 other accountants and business owners, now have full access to the exclusive cloud-based time tracking app that easily imports employee hours into Intuit Online Payroll (IOP) and eliminates manual entry.

Paperless Time Tracking for Paperless Payroll.

Shawna Aho, a small business solutions guru and accounting professional decided to give TSheets and IOP a try.

When it was announced that IOP integrated with TSheets, I was ecstatic,” Shawna says. “Previously, I had to enter employee hours into IOP by hand. It took forever. Now with the integration with TSheets, I just click to import the hours from TSheets — and done! I love It! Shawna Aho, Small Business Solutions Guru and Accounting Professional with STAC Bizness Solutions LLC

When asked how much time this new integration saves her, Shawna smiled. “It saves me at least an hour every time I run payroll for a client. For a single client, that’s 24 hours saved every year.”

A Simple Switch

As a busy accountant, Shawna didn’t have a lot of time to spend figuring out a new system. Luckily for her, TSheets’ integration with Intuit Online Payroll takes mere seconds to set up.

TSheets Chrome extension allows Intuit Online payroll users to import employee hours with a single click.

“I really just added the Chrome Extension, and IOP was linked to my TSheets account. The integration was very simple, and using it is even simpler. It takes seconds to import the hours each payday.”

What would she tell other accountants who are considering giving the integration a try?

“It’s a no–brainer. Do it. Any time you can eliminate manual data entry from your life, it saves you—and your clients—time and money. That’s a huge win.”

Spreading the Good Word of Time Tracking

With the integration between Intuit Online Payroll and TSheets saving Shawna a significant amount of time running payroll, she naturally wanted to pass the savings on to her clients by encouraging them to use TSheets.

Samantha Baker, office manager at Cypress Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, decided to give the time tracking software a shot.

What’s the verdict? So far, she’s loved it.

Saving More Than Time

Samantha Baker – office manager at Cypress Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery uses IOP and TSheets to reduce payroll headaches.

We started using TSheets because it would save so much time on the back end running payroll, since it totally removed the manual entry step from payroll. We love it for even more reasons now. Samantha Baker, office manager at Cypress Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

She adds, “It’s really simple to use, both for me as an office manager and for our employees. It means I get to focus on my work instead of spending two days each pay cycle tracking down everyone’s time cards.”

And with overtime alerts, clock in/out reminders, a black–box audit log that makes FLSA compliance easier, a “who’s working” view to easily see who’s on the clock, TSheets is helping Samantha and her coworkers not only track their time, but manage it too.

“I’ve already told so many people about how much we’re enjoying using this app,” she says. I can’t even give you an estimate of how much time it’s saved us. I’m pretty sure TSheets has added a few years back into my life.”

If you use IOP, it’s time to show manual entry the door. You can try the integration absolutely free for two weeks by clicking on the link below!

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