Electrical Contractor Edges Out the Competition With Cloud-Based Software

How one tech-forward tax firm helped their client eliminate payroll errors with automated time tracking

In 2016, Mike Jesowchek, from JETRO and Associates, recommended his client, Preferred Electric, LLC, use TSheets as their employee time tracking system.

This recommendation was no first for Mike and the JETRO team, and it wouldn’t be their last. Theirs is a proud tech-forward firm that leverages the magic of cloud-based software and their powerful accounting integrations.

So at JETRO’s Brookfield, Wisconsin-based firm, TSheets’ cloud-based time tracking software is not only part of their employees’ daily life, it’s also a no-brainer — a “one-stop shop,” they say — for clients running small businesses on a shoestring.

A One-Stop Shop for Small Business Accounting

“We’re obviously a cloud-based firm, so the idea of having cloud-based software is something we push to all clients,” says Jesowchek. “TSheets is a time tracking software that works with our accounting software. We want to have an online integration with all our software online. We like that the integration works with every system we use and that it’s cloud-based.”

We want to have an online integration with all our software online. We like that the [TSheets] integration works with every system we use. — Mike Jesowchek, JETRO & Associates

TSheets is the only time tracking software that integrates with Xero and all the other cloud-based accounting platforms the JETRO team uses, making it the ideal choice for the firm and their clients.

And what’s a good recommendation if you haven’t used a product yourself? JETRO has six employees — some who work hourly and some who work on a salary — all tracking time against different jobs using TSheets. With their mostly remote workforce, Jesowchek loves the TSheets’ Who?s Working feature to view which employees are on the clock at any given time.

“We use TSheets for ourselves and we refer them out to clients looking for a time tracking solution,” says Jesowchek.

TSheets + Xero: No Better Time Than Now

Tyler Benvenuto, owner of Preferred Electric, LLC in West Bend, Wisconsin, usually bounces between one and five jobs per day, checking up on whatever work is on his team is scheduled for that day.

Preferred Electric, a small residential and commercial electrical contracting company, consists of a mobile workforce whose jobs and locations had been relatively simple to keep track of. But when it came to keeping track of employee hours, Tyler knew a paper solution was neither sustainable nor precise.

“We could get by with paper time cards, but how much more time are you adding to the payroll process?” says Benvenuto. “You run the risk of having more errors on paper than online.” That’s when Benvenuto decided Preferred Electric needed to get ahead of the game and onto a more efficient solution.

We could get by with paper time cards, but … you run the risk of having more errors on paper than online. — Tyler Benvenuto, Preferred Electric, LLC

Since he hadn’t been managing employees for very long, Tyler didn’t want to waste any time (and therefore money) getting organized as his company began to grow. So he quickly took Mike’s recommendation to try a cloud-based approach to his time tracking with a TSheets + Xero integration.

Time Saved Is Money in the Bank

The transition to TSheets time tracking with Xero accounting was simple for this small business’ time tracking needs, especially for its ease of use and the clear, detailed job costing and payroll reports it generates.

On top of all that, the new time tracking process is really easy for Preferred Electric’s workforce. Employees can easily track their time in TSheets, which automatically syncs up with Xero. From there, Tyler approves the timesheets and runs payroll in Xero.

“We used handwritten time cards at first,” Tyler says. “It’s so much easier to have it on the computer and look back to see in a given time period what hours were worked. It saves so much time.”

Although at their size, you’d think Preferred Electric would have gone on using paper timesheets as long as they could, they knew moving to better technology would make things easier for their accounting needs.

Today Preferred Electric is tracking and approving time with ease using TSheets and processing payroll with the Xero integration. And they’re looking forward to growth as they embrace the cloud and new technology at the get-go.

TSheets tracks time, simplifies payroll like never before.

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