Fundera and TSheets Partner to Help a Small Business Succeed

How one construction company landed the working capital and time tracking tools they needed to grow

Lackey Construction company uses TSheets for project time tracking.

Meet Brad and Jocelyn Lackey, of Lackey Construction in Portland, Oregon. They provide high-end residential construction and remodeling with a focus on green and sustainable building.

Lackey Construction Remodel Sample

Growing and adding employees over the last three years, the Lackeys realized they needed to improve their business processes, including time tracking for their employees. At that time, in mid-2014, their employees simply entered their hours into an excel spreadsheet at the end of their workday, typically when arriving home. In an effort to go digital and better track their job categories, Jocelyn took to the web to find a solution. They were searching for on-the-go time tracking for their employees (using smartphone apps), that could also integrate with their QuickBooks accounting software and track the numerous job categories for workers comp.

Jocelyn found and implemented TSheets, and they quickly discovered how easy managing and coordinating employee time could be, as well as the daily job costing made possible with TSheets.

Despite their growth, it had not always been smooth sailing for the Lackeys. Having struggled with funding during the recession, the Lackeys were glad when they found TSheets’ partner, Fundera, in late 2014.

TSheets and Fundera work together to help businesses succeed

According to Lackey, “One of our greatest business challenges was making it through the recession during a time when big banks and financial institutions no longer had faith in small business funding.” The Lackeys found Fundera to be much more honest, straightforward and easier to deal with than conventional banks.

“Fundera’s team was outgoing, polite and professional throughout the process and most importantly, we felt like they were upfront about what our expectations should be, the opposite of our experience working with banks in the past. They seemed genuinely sincere about helping us reach our goals.”

Thankfully, the Lackeys made it through those difficult years of the recession, and are back to ramping up in both employees and equipment for the years ahead. They finished 2014 with more efficient, digital time tracking and a funding partner they could trust. And their five year plan? Continue growing, providing high quality construction, and of course, doing what they love: green building.

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