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The Personal Assistant’s Personal Assistant

Learn why LifeSquire chose TSheets for their time tracking needs.

LifeSquire, the largest personal assistance firm in the US, was founded on the premise of making life easier for others.

“Our tagline is ‘life awaits,’ says Katherine Gibbons, director of operations. “We exist to help people shift their focus to what’s really important to them, while we take care of the details. We help people simplify. Our mission statement is ‘Be a blessing,’ and we take that seriously.”

So, what’s a company built on simplicity and giving to do when payroll becomes a burden?

They get TSheets.

Mobile Time Tracking for the Win

Workers can easily switch between job codes while working for clients and managers can see what is being worked on a computer or smart phone.

With a growing staff of mobile employees, trying to keep track of employee hours was an exercise in logistical gymnastics.

Katherine says, “LifeSquire really needed a time tracking service that worked for our assistants in the field. Our assistants help multiple clients during the day, so we also needed the ability to switch between job codes easily while on the go. On the backend, we needed an easy and comprehensive way to gather our data and export it into reports for multiple uses within our company including invoicing, payroll services, data trends, so on. We found exactly what we we were looking for with TSheets.”

A Perfect Fit for Employees

TSheets is effective, trustworthy, and easy to use - what more could you want?

What do employees think of the new time tracking method? TSheets makes their lives simpler and easier on the job. Katherine says, “TSheets is incredibly easy for our assistants to use. It took about two minutes of training to get everyone up and running.”

She adds, “In a service business like ours, time is money—which is why we love TSheets so much. It’s effective, trustworthy, and easy to use.”

Favorite Features

When asked which features Katherine’s team finds the most useful, she said, “GPS tracking has been life-changing for us and added significant value to an already valuable service we offer our clients. It has created more trust, more accountability, and more transparency. That’s good for everyone.”

GPS tracking has created more trust, more accountability, and more transparency. That's good for everyone.

She adds, “We also love the mobile app—since most of us are out in the field! And we couldn’t live without the backend reports. Our management team uses TSheets’ web-based platform on a daily basis for reporting and oversight. It simplifies a complex and vital part of our business to see what’s happening with costs, clients, and jobs. TSheets’ features are very intuitive to our needs, and it feels like the new features anticipate the needs of our growing business!”

The Customer Service Advantage

Customer service is LifeSquire’s lifeblood. So it’s no surprise that great customer service was equally important as product offering for LifeSquire. Kathy says, “What truly makes LifeSquire special is that we never put our clients in a box. We offer highly personalized services, so it’s critical that we understand our clients’ needs, both practically and emotionally, to create healthy and productive working relationships,” Katherine says.

Which was a big reason Katherine was drawn to TSheets.

Our mission statement is 'Be a blessing,' and we take that seriously.

We chose TSheets over competitors, in large part because they offered personalized and quick customer service that rivaled our own! Over the years, they have offered personal touches that we truly appreciate and admire in a service provider. Those extra touches mean a lot. Katherine Gibbons

Rolling Out TSheets

Because LifeSquire is part of a franchise network, Katherine was anxious to share her discovery of TSheets with other franchise owners. She says, “When organizing our franchise concept, there was never a question that TSheets would be required for our franchises’ daily operations because of our stellar history with the company!”

LifeSquire’s tagline is “Life awaits,” and it’s not just their motto for helping clients focus on what’s most important to them. It’s the philosophy they follow in their own business as well. There’s better ways to spend time than sorting through piles of paper timesheets or spreadsheets. And TSheets puts that time—which would otherwise be spent on tedious tasks like payroll and manual entry—back into the day.

Ready to start your FREE trial of TSheets? There’s no better time. Life awaits!

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