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How the Grinch Stole Revenue

What We Learned at The Sleeter Group's #Solutions13

How the Grinch stole revenue

All the ProAdvisor Whos who lived in Whoville liked revenue a LOT
But the Grinch who lived North of Whoville, well, he most certainly did NOT

So, the Whos set off to the Sleeter Accounting Conference in November
In hopes of finding recommended 3rd party app solutions worthy to remember

And lo and behold, the ProAdvisor Whos found
Ways to not run small business into the ground

Like the Grinch, with a heart rumored to be two sizes too small
A smart man reported on Whos who think fraud is not bad at all

René Lacarte of had slide after slide of statistics quite alarming
Like fraud often going on for 18 months with no benefit and much harming

This group of determined Whos picked their jaws up off the ground
And vowed to proactively tell their clients about fraud protection practices most sound

No longer would 49% of their Who clients not recover any losses due to fraud
Their practices would go paperless and use online apps others would applaud

And as for the 5% of revenue that typical organizations lose to fraud each year
There are ways to avoid it, the Grinch begrudgingly admits with a sneer

It's the Who's who hold the secrets to spread accounting Christmas cheer
Because "What Happens at Sleeter Shouldn't Stay at Sleeter" especially with EOY near

What is #WHASSSAS (other than a word that, let's admit, is pretty fun to say)?

#WHASSSAS (What Happens At Sleeter Shouldn't Stay At Sleeter) is a 13-week crusade encouraging accountants to take the profusion of wisdom shared at The Sleeter Group's #Solutions13 conference and put it into action. We hope every #WHASSSAS post reminds and emboldens you to take meaningful action to improve your business and the lives of your clients. Don't be surprised if we bring a smile to your face while we're at it!

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