Elite Electrical Eliminates Manual Entry with Mobile Time Tracking

Still spending hours on payroll each week? Take back your weekends by switching to TSheets.

Meet Chris Langford

Elite Electrical saves hours tracking employee time and running payroll

When Chris started working as an electrical contractor in residential and commercial construction, running payroll wasn’t so bad. He only had one employee: Himself. But as his business, Elite Electrical Solutions, quickly grew into two crews of electricians with a reputation for quality work no matter how large or small the job, Chris’s American dream started to look a little less dreamy on the back end. Deciphering employees’ paper timesheets and running payroll was taking more than four hours each week, keeping track of crew members became a full time job, and determining job profitability was sometimes hit and miss.

Finding an Elite Time Tracking Solution

As a solo contractor, Chris was using a timekeeping app that only functioned from a single device and didn’t sync with Quickbooks or allow him to attach job codes and service items to his time–meaning, a lot of manual entry on the back end. As his crew grew in size and Elite Electrical Solutions expanded, he knew it was time to find a new time tracking solution–one that integrated with his accounting and payroll software and removed manual entry from the equation.

There were a lot of options available–for a hefty price tag, that is. “I didn’t even look at some of the options because of the cost,” Chris said. Not to mention that many of those time tracking apps required his employees to purchase the app on their devices. “My employees shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing an app to track their time. Of course they’d be reimbursed, but that’s still one extra hassle.”

When Chris found TSheets on apps.com, he was intrigued. Not only was the price right (and the app free for employees to download), but it appeared to offer exactly what he needed to make payroll easier and faster. He decided to give it a shot with the free trial.

Times Have Changed

To say that TSheets has been a great fit with Elite Electrical Solutions is a bit of an understatement. Chris says, “If I were to build a time tracking system myself, it would be TSheets. My employees love using it, and I love the fact that it makes my life so much easier.” Now, instead of sending Chris email updates on jobs and locations, employees simply clock in and out of jobs on the go from their mobile devices, and track time against customers, job codes, locations and projects. Chris is also able to clock in his entire crew or select employees himself, using the TSheets Crew App. When payday rolls around, all that’s left to do is approve his employees’ hours with a click, and import the timesheets into QuickBooks with one more click.

Elite Electrical learns how to eliminate manual entry and paper timesheets

Four hours of payroll every week has turned into 15 minutes,’ Chris says. ‘Which means I was spending 16 hours a month running payroll before I started using TSheets. Now it’s an hour.’ He adds, ‘When employees submit their time to me now, my work is basically done. All I have to do is scan over everything and make sure it’s correct.

Chris and his employees also love the fact that TSheets includes customizable clock in/out reminders to help employees remember to clock in and out for the day, as well as overtime alerts that keep everyone on the same page when it comes to accruing overtime. In the easy-to-navigate dashboard, employees can see how much straight time and overtime they’ve accrued, submit their time for approval, and request PTO and sick leave. No more email reminders, indecipherable timesheets, hassling, or guesswork. Just simple, intuitive time tracking that integrates with the accounting and payroll software that Elite Electrical Solutions already uses.

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And what about visibility and job profitability? With accurate time data on where his employees are spending the most time, it’s easy for Chris to make more accurate bids and project estimates, ensuring greater profitability and more competitive bids for clients. With TSheets’ one-click reports by client, job code, location, and more, learning which clients, jobs, and employees are most productive and profitable is as easy as a glance. And with the Who’s Working feature, Chris and his employees can see who’s on the clock, where they’re at with GPS time stamping, and whether reinforcements are needed on a particular job.

A Bright Future

With TSheets plus Elite Electrical Solutions’ reputation for quality work, the future looks brighter than ever. No matter how many crews Chris adds in the coming years, TSheets will scale with his team, keeping everyone on the same page, and making time tracking, invoicing, and payroll a breeze. Chris is also excited about some of the upcoming features TSheets will introduce in early 2016 that are especially suited for the construction industry–including scheduling and manual breaks (Chris just signed up to beta test this feature and loves it so far!). The TSheets development team is always interested in getting user feedback and finding out what features customers would love to see added to our app. Chris says, “TSheets actually takes the the feedback I give, and incorporates it into their app, which I love.”

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