How Schools in Kansas City are Training the Next Generation Workforce

Northland CAPS Program students gain work skills and learn time management with TSheets

Kennedy Painting uses TSheets for time and Activehours for payday

Northland CAPS is an example of how private business and public education can partner together to prepare tomorrow’s workforce.

Northland CAPS is training students for the business world.

Not your typical high school program, Northland CAPS is a collaborative effort of seven school districts in the Kansas City, MO area to provide high school students with the skills needed to succeed in the competitive college environment and global workforce.

Through the program, students gain professional skills in high demand/high skill careers such as engineering, computer software engineering, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, marketing, banking, etc., and are able to begin building their professional network well before college or entering the workforce.

The CAPS program spans two semesters. During the first semester, students gain professional skills such as problem solving, time and project management, business ethics and self-discipline. The second semester, students go through an interview process and are selected to intern with local businesses. Students are treated as professionals and expected to participate in real business projects for 2.5 hour blocks each business day. When not with their instructor or at their internship, students return to classes at their local high school.

Tracking Student Attendance

According to Allison Clemens, Northland CAPS Project Manager (i.e. the program do-all, be-all), this workforce preparedness program started less than two years ago with only two instructors and 28 students enrolled. When the internship portion of the program started and students were working at businesses around town, students were to text their CAPS instructor when they arrived at work, for attendance. When the program increased to 175 students this last fall, Allison realized they needed a much better way to track attendance.

Allison looked to the web for a time tracker app, since many of their students carry smartphones. She narrowed it down to TSheets and another time tracker, but TSheets’ GPS, Who’s Working Feature, and affordable pricing won her over.

The instructors immediately took to TSheets and were able to continually verify where the students were during their internship hours. The instructors also quickly grew fond of the summary of student hours they received each week from TSheets in the form of the weekly digest.

Looking to the future, Northland CAPS has already processed student applications for the 2015/2016 school year and are expecting a more than 200% increase to 400 students. Even more, the success of Northland CAPS profession-based educational model has spread, and more and more school districts throughout the state are hoping to replicate the program within their own districts.

TSheets is proud to be a part of the Northland CAPS program supporting the development of the next generation workforce, and hopefully, some future TSheets users.

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