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QuickBooks Canada joins forces with TSheets

Offering the first in-product time tracking app for QB Canada

Released on: May 13, 2014

TSheets, the time tracking solution that recently became a five-star-rated hit in the US on Intuit's, just announced a new integration with QuickBooks Canada. TSheets is now the first featured in-product app for time tracking available for QuickBooks Canada users in the online version. Desktop users of QuickBooks in Canada can also integrate with the cloud-based time tracking software at

Time Tracking Solution for QuickBooks Canada Users

"For Canadian business owners, employees and bookkeepers using QuickBooks, TSheets is a breakthrough. It's a time and money saving revelation in the form of an easy-to-use, fully-integrated app," says TSheets CEO Matt Rissell. "We're so excited to offer QuickBooks Canada the same time tracking and management superpowers that made TSheets such a star on"

For Canadian business owners, employees and bookkeepers using QuickBooks, TSheets is a breakthrough. Matt Rissell

TSheets eliminates the errors and complications of manual timesheets and data entry. Employees have a range of flexible ways to track time-including online or offline, on a computer, tablet or smartphone, even by text, tweet or a quick phone call. Time can be tracked against customers, employees, job codes, service items and classes.

With one-click syncing, TSheets automatically uploads approved tracked time to the weekly timesheets in QuickBooks, streamlining job costing, payroll, invoicing and more.

Precisionwerkz Canada, a woodwork and cabinetry company based in Vancouver, BC, estimates that the company saves close to $6,000 annually by using TSheets. With employees spread out across more than 10 jobs and tracking hours to more than 30 different service codes, Precisionwerkz previously spent four hours a week entering and correcting employee time cards.

After TSheets, the accuracy and efficiency of the time tracking solution added up fast for Precisionwerkz.

"We wanted to have our customer list and job codes, class codes and item numbers-all the info that we already had in QuickBooks-seamlessly transition from a time tracker into our QuickBooks account," notes Alison Lui, the financial controller at Precisionwerkz. "TSheets met those requirements, offered mobile apps for our on-the-go employees, as well as the best customer support."

Apps that perform well on rank high on the list for international expansion, making TSheets a surefire choice for QuickBooks Canada.

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