Paul Davis: An Attitude of Innovation

Why This Pioneering Restoration Company Switched to Mobile Time Tracking

Paul Davis Restoration switches to TSheets mobile time tracking to simplify payroll and job costing.“Be first, innovate and win” is one of TSheets’ core values, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that exemplifies it more than Paul Davis Restoration.

Founded in 1966, Paul Davis has pioneered the restoration, remodeling, and reconstruction fields. They were the first company of their kind to offer a performance warranty. The first to partner with insurance carriers. The first to offer a “Dry in 3” guarantee for water losses. The first to marry the fields of restoration and remodeling. And the first to adopt computerized estimating for restoration work.

That’s a lot of firsts. And Paul Davis isn’t slowing down.

Meet Sharon, Owner and Innovator

When Sharon Green, a franchise owner at Paul Davis, realized that paper timesheets were slowing down her mobile team, she knew that innovation was the answer.

Sharon Green switched from paper timesheets to mobile time tracking.

Our employees spend most of their time out in the field, and carrying around a paper timesheet really isn’t feasible. We work in restoration and remodeling—which isn’t exactly hands free. Timesheets were getting lost, and employees were making guesses about how long they’d been at different jobs after the fact, meaning our job costing wasn’t accurate either. Sharon Green, Franchise Owner at Paul Davis

Sharon added, “And that’s just out in the field. In the back office it took hours to manually enter the numbers from their timesheets. We needed a new solution.”

Innovation Through Mobile Time Tracking

Sharon found her solution for improved time tracking after a conversation with a fellow Paul Davis franchise owner. “After our conversation, I Googled TSheets and saw the amount of positive reviews, so I started a free trial.”

Did TSheets have what it took to track time for Paul Davis?

Sharon says, “Right off the bat, I was impressed by how many mobile features TSheets offered, because finding a mobile app that worked out in the field as well as in the office was really important to us. When we learned that TSheets worked with Android, and iPhone, we were thrilled. I also love the mobile management features. Some days, I don’t see my desk much, so being able to see what’s happening with my employees right from my smartphone makes a huge difference.”

Sharon adds, “I also love that TSheets integrates with QuickBooks and our RMS (restoration management software). My employee hours are available when I need them, and I don’t feel like I’m using three separate systems. TSheets just adds more streamlining, more insight.”

When Sharon’s team started using TSheets, the first feature she fell in love with was the “Who’s Working” window that gave her GPS insight and accountability hand in hand. “I love this software,” Sharon says. “The GPS tracking lets me know that my employees are right where they’re supposed to be, and it’s so helpful to see when and where everyone is clocking in and out.”

The one thing missing? Sharon needed a way to track how much time employees were spending driving, without logging that time to a job code.

Enter the TSheets Franchise Team

“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that TSheets has a team dedicated to franchise support,” Sharon says. “When I called to ask about whether TSheets could be customized to meet our needs, Vanessa jumped in with both feet. She set us up with custom fields to track drive time and really went the extra mile to make sure our time tracking needs were met.”

Paul Davis specializes in restoration services after water, fire, or mold damage.

From one company that loves its customers to another, TSheets and Paul Davis were a perfect fit. Sharon says, “The more I learn about TSheets, the more I love it. Paul Davis is all about the customer. We think a personal touch matters, and we stand behind the quality of our work 100 percent. It’s why we’re so dedicated to innovation. We want to give our customers the best.”

Does TSheets Live Up to the Paul Davis Standard?

“You bet,” Sharon says. “When I talked to Vanessa, and when I contacted the TSheets customer service team with a few questions, I felt like I was important to them. Not just because I was a paying customer, but because they cared about helping me as a person, and helping me get my business on the right track with time tracking.”

Thanks to Sharon’s eye for innovation, TSheets and Paul Davis are taking the world by storm (TSheets for the payroll storm, Paul Davis for the water damage from the real deluge).

Sharon says, “TSheets has changed the way we work as a team for the better. We don’t have any more mysteries about why it’s taking someone an entire hour to get to a job that should be 15 minutes away. My admins love it because it’s taking them so much less time to run payroll in QuickBooks. And we can make better decisions with accurate job costing now.”

Ready to see what TSheets can do for your business? Start a free trial now, or reach out to our franchise account manager, Charlie, for information about how we can help you save time and money by rolling out TSheets to your franchise or corporate network.

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TSheets Franchise Account Manager

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