Property developer sees big payoff from TSheets’ latest app integration

Beautiful time tracking meets beautiful accounting with Xero

Steve Cooreman runs a family business in every sense of the word.

He set up Cooreman Properties with his wife Jean 25 years ago and since then they have gone on to develop more than a dozen subdivisions together—creating homes for over a thousand families across southwestern Michigan and northern Indiana. With 200+ properties in his inventory, there’s room for more.

When Steve heard the TSheets family was also expanding, he asked his colleague, Bob Rupholdt, to look into it.

“This is huge for us.”

“The fact that TSheets is integrating with Xero is huge for us,” Steve explains. “Before TSheets we’d been using an old time clock machine to punch our time cards so TSheets has been a lot more efficient and with a lot less room for human error. I know our accountant has also noticed some big differences. There’s been some big cost savings for us now we use TSheets.”

We looked at tons of different time tracking options before choosing TSheets and Bob and I both came to the same conclusion that TSheets was our best option. Steve Cooreman, Cooreman Properties

Bob agrees, adding, “TSheets works great for us. Some of the guys who track their time are always travelling from one subdivision to the next and one of the things I love is that TSheets keeps track of all the GPS coordinates with their timesheets. We’d even like to use that to help us track time against each property or subdivision to see where most of the work has been done.”

Steve agrees that the GPS feature of TSheets’ Who’s Working window has revolutionized employee management at Cooreman Properties but says that for him, the best thing about TSheets is the fact that he gets automatic overtime alerts. “I love the feature that tells me if someone is about to work overtime,” he explains, “or if they are approaching a limit of 55 or 60 hours a week so I can prioritize things.”

Xero in on success

But when it came to payroll, the job that was often at the top of his accountant’s list of priorities was to get all of those hours transferred over into Xero—which is exactly why Steve and Bob were so excited to share the news of the new integration with her.

“When I heard about the new integration with TSheets I was like ‘Yes! This is exactly what we want!'” Bob recounts. “And after our accountant tried it, she told me that using TSheets and Xero to run our payroll was flawless. It does it perfectly. First try, it worked.”

Seamless integration

He continues, “I’m used to integrations being a real pain and having to manually map the entire thing out. Instead, our accountant was able to process payroll for the first time from beginning to end in one shot. It was seamless—like it’s all part of the same system.”

Steve adds, “We’ve got four or five employees using TSheets at the moment and they are primarily out there helping to maintain the neighborhoods and the buildings. They also respond to maintenance requests and help us develop new projects using heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. They all track their time using the TSheets app on their iPhones.

“That was why I chose TSheets in the first place—because I thought the app was really well done and I like the interface. The format is attractive and it’s easy to understand.”

Bob says it was exactly the same when it came to connecting Xero to their TSheets account.

“It took me no time at all and it was very straightforward. I didn’t need any help at all. I just walked through the steps and set it all up and it worked first time, which made me very happy. I know our accountant is very happy too. It didn’t just work, it worked great! And it’s saving her time. Before she had to take the time from TSheets and transfer it over to Xero when she wanted to run the payroll, but now she just runs the approval report in TSheets to check the timesheets are correct, syncs it to Xero, and runs the payroll like normal. She’s saving time already.”

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