The Top 10 Best Practices For Success In The PRO Program

Tips that make a difference to you and your clients

First of all, congratulations on deciding to participate in the TSheets PRO Program.

Why the congratulations? Well, it just so happens that the TSheets PRO Program can make a big difference to your business and your clients’ businesses. TSheets can help businesses simplify payroll and invoicing and help business owners make informed financial decisions – on top of accurate-to-the-second time tracking!

But first, we want to show you how to make the most of our PRO Program. Check out our top 10 tips below

The Pro Program was developed for just that reason — to help you and your clients succeed. How can you make the most of it? Follow the best practices below!

Know your affiliate link

Your affiliate link allows us to trace your referrals back to you! Making sure your link is accessible ensures you get credit for the clients you refer to TSheets, you get paid your 20 percent commission for each referral for the first year, and your referred clients get their 10 percent discount on TSheets! We recommend you print your affiliate link on business cards, link it to your PRO Badge on your email signature, and link to it anywhere else you display your badge. Some PROs even create web pages that feature information about TSheets and a link to start a free trial using their affiliate code (but more on that later).

Understand TSheets’ value proposition

Few people enjoy making, or being on the receiving end, of a sales pitch, which is why we don’t want you to sell TSheets. We believe we’ve created a product that recommends itself, especially when you understand just how easy and efficient mobile time tracking makes payroll, invoicing, billing, employee accountability, and time management. Before you start pitching TSheets, explore your free TSheets account, read about the signs that indicate your client could really benefit from mobile time tracking, and take a look at ourPayroll Savings Calculator, and familiarize yourself with the apps that integrate seamlessly with TSheets.

We’re here to help you get excited about everything TSheets has to offer, so your clients will get excited too!

Get comfortable with referring

Try not to think of yourself as a salesperson when it comes to referring TSheets and other top-rated third-party apps — because you’re not! Think of yourself as a trusted advisor who can add true value to your clients’ businesses because of the unique insight you have as their accountant or bookkeeper. Check out “How to Sell without Selling Out” to get a new perspective on what it means to refer apps to your clients!

Connect with TSheets on social media

Connecting with TSheets on social media will keep you in the know of new product features that are useful to your clients, business tips, and fun contests just for accountants. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn. You can even join the conversation on our Facebook PRO Forum (see more below). And be sure to follow Matt Rissell on Forbes.

Use the TSheets Resource Center

Did you know that TSheets has a Resource Center chock full of business tips, best practices, and great ideas for accountants—all for free? Take a look and find out how you can be even more successful in your own business, and help your clients streamline, save, and profit!

Sign up for the newsletter

Stay in the loop by signing up for the TSheets newsletter! You’ll be the first to know about new features, upcoming integrations, and other big news! Sign up here.

Take advantage of the PRO team

Did you know that TSheets has an ENTIRE TEAM dedicated to you? The TSheets PRO team is your exclusive resource for any questions about TSheets. The PRO Team can help you refer or schedule demos for your clients, onboard clients, or make the introduction to other influencers within the accounting industry. Our goal is to help you succeed. Period.

Get certified

Set yourself up for success and become a TSheets expert with our PRO Certification. Getting certified via our live webinars takes just an hour of your time, and when you’ve successfully answered a few questions after certification, we’ll send you a certificate and a badge you can include on your website and email signature, showing your clients that you know TSheets inside and out! When you’re certified, you’ll also be featured on our PROs We Trust page!

Network with other PROs

Building a network with other PROs is one of the biggest perks of the PRO program, and a great way to set yourself up for success! Join the PRO Forum on Facebook to connect with other accountants and bookkeepers who use, love, and recommend TSheets. Get answers to questions, learn useful tips, and make some great friends in the process!

Create an Affiliate Page

Set yourself up as a trusted advisor, not a salesperson, by creating an affiliate page where you list all the apps you recommend and trust, along with a short description of each and your affiliate codes. By showing your clients a network of apps that work well together and make their businesses run more smoothly, you’ll add even more value.

Still have questions about how to make the most of the TSheets PRO program? Just want to say hi? Get in touch with our PRO Team by email at or call us at 888.836.2720. We’d love to hear from you!