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New! Create Accounts for Your Clients

The easiest way to refer your clients to TSheets

Your clients NEED TSheets. And we’re not just saying that.

According to the American Payroll Association, 80 percent of American companies have hourly employees — and 60 percent of them are still using paper timesheets to track employee hours. That’s 14 million small businesses currently falling prey to paper timesheets.

Five reasons to break the paper chain and switch to automated timesheets

  1. Prevent time theft
    Paper timesheets leave companies vulnerable to employee time theft and timesheet padding, which costs US employers over $11 billion each year.
  2. End “buddy punching”
    Over 16 percent of hourly employees admit to “buddy punching” using paper timesheets, costing US employers $373 million each year.
  3. Get more accurate time data
    Paper timesheets and excel spreadsheets are inaccurate. They’re open to guesstimation and prone to getting misplaced.
  4. Decrease payroll processing time
    Paper timesheets are inefficient. Collecting timesheets, deciphering employee handwriting, and manually entering time data can add hours to payroll processes.
  5. Support labor law compliance
    Paper timesheets are a weak defense in employment lawsuits. In a case of “he said, she said” the employee almost always wins.

Get your clients on board, open TSheets accounts on their behalf (with permission, of course)

TSheets can save your clients thousands of dollars in gross payroll costs each year, just by curbing time theft, eliminating buddy punching, and keeping overtime costs low.

But it’s beneficial for you too. TSheets makes running payroll for your clients a total breeze, and you’ll look like a rock star just for recommending it! So show your clients the benefits of automated time tracking. Show them how easy it is for their employees to track accurate-to-the-second time in TSheets. Then, show them how much they’ll save just by switching!

And the best part? We want to help you simplify your clients’ lives, so we’ve made it super easy for you to start a TSheets trial or open an account on your client’s behalf (as long as you get their permission, of course). You can set them up, add their employees, then walk them through the basics, on their schedule! We’ll help you do the heavy lifting, so your client can stay focused on their business.

Using TSheets Accountant View, access, manage, and, set up client accounts directly from your TSheets dashboard

Screenshot of TSheets pros client account creation running on desktop.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log in to your TSheetsPRO account.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner of your TSheets dashboard to access the Accountant View menu.
  3. Click “Manage” for client access.
  4. Click “Add clients” and select “Create client account” (if you’d like your client to open their own account, select “Invite clients”).
  5. Fill out the form to set up a new TSheets account on your client’s behalf and click “Agree & Create Account” when you’re finished.

TSheets will automatically drop you into the new account. From there, you can add your client’s employees, create job codes, and connect to your preferred accounting or payroll solution. When you’re done, invite your client to access the account as soon as you’re ready!

There’s no credit card required to get started, and the first 14 days of TSheets are always free, whether you opt for wholesale or direct billing. Best of all, both you and your clients will always have access to TSheets’ award-winning customer experience team.

Accountant View is the easiest way to refer your clients to TSheets, so they can start saving time and money on payroll.