Rainbow International Cleans Up By Tracking Time with TSheets

Is Payroll a Dirty Word at Your Company? TSheets Can Help!

Meet Shelley Barck

Shelley is no stranger to dirty jobs. As a franchise owner of Rainbow International Restoration of Des Moines, one of 12 service brands under the Dwyer Group, she oversees a team ready to do battle with water damage, fire damage, mold, carpet spills, and havoc wreaked by storms and other natural disasters—and they mean business. Rainbow International of Des Moines has been awarded the prestigious Franchise of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and has achieved “Top Gun Status” within Rainbow International—in other words, they’re among the elite top 10 Rainbow International franchises worldwide. If you need help getting back on your feet after a disaster, you call Shelley and her team.

But there was one dirty job Shelley’s team needed a hand with: Payroll.

“Our technicians’ time is billable per job, and each technician travels to several jobs a day,” Shelley says. Business was great, but manually separating out and entering the billable versus non-billable time for each job and client for payroll was quickly becoming a nightmare. “We were using paper timesheets, and the technicians would just fill them out when they returned to the office,” she adds. “It wasn’t a very accurate or efficient system. We were losing billable hours to clients.”

TSheets to the Rescue

Shelley and her team knew they needed a better solution for time tracking and payroll—so they got to work.

Rainbow International researched and found a time tracking software compatible with QuickBooks.

We did a lot of research online, asked other companies in the industry for their recommendations, and researched time tracking software that was compatible with Quickbooks,’ Shelley says, describing Rainbow International’s search for a better payroll solution. ‘We knew we needed a better time tracking system to make payroll easier, and after much research we decided to give TSheets a try. Shelley Barck, Franchise Owner

How Has TSheets Been Working Out?

Shelley couldn’t be happier. “TSheets has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes us to run payroll. Before, we would need to manually enter in all the hourly per client data, and now it all transfers over to QuickBooks. I’d estimate it has cut our payroll down by four or five hours per pay period.”

Mobile Options for a Workforce on the Go

Speedy, seamless payroll isn’t the only feature Rainbow International Restoration loves. Shelley and her team have taken full advantage of TSheets’ mobile time tracking options. Now technicians can clock in and out of jobs on the go, right from their smartphones—and indicate whether each task is billable or nonbillable. They can also easily switch tasks, take a break or pause tracking time if an interruption arises, or add notes to a task.

Shelley also loves the insight that TSheets’ GPS tracking offers: “I love the fact our office staff can locate any of our clocked-in employees using the GPS feature and see the job they’re working on in real time.”

Mobile reporting and job costing has been a life saver as well. “We love how easy job costing is with TSheets,” Shelley says. With accurate time data, evaluating the productivity of jobs, clients, or tasks has never been easier.

Squeaky Clean Payroll

Rainbow International Restoration of Des Moines is the hero for countless customers whose homes or businesses have been damaged by an unexpected mess. So it only seems right that someone came to their rescue by taking the mess out of payroll and time tracking.

Do your payroll and time tracking solutions need some cleaning up?

We’d love to help. Try TSheets free—no credit card or obligation required.

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