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Solve-it! Companies solves their warehouse time tracking problems with TSheets.

Hardware Company Simplifies Time Tracking in the Warehouse

How Solve-it! Companies Uses Alternative Punch Clock to Accommodate for Growth

Solve-it! Companies, LLC creates practical products for a range of industries. They make everything from tools and hardware to tablet and mobile device accessories, all of which solve everyday problems in the business environment.

Before discovering TSheets, Solve-it! Companies used an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system on a computer from which their team clocked in and out. 

“It was difficult and required our employees to learn the ERP and our old timekeeping system,” said Trevor Orrick, VP of Business Development.

TSheets Kiosk: “Hands-down the Best Thing We’ve Ever Seen”

But for a company that solves everyday business dilemmas, an old, difficult system wasn’t going to cut it. With 25 employees working in a large warehouse and an administrative office, Orrick needed a tool that solved tracking time for a widespread team. 

At first, Orrick was skeptical of new technology, even if it could help his business. After all, why would you want a robot to do a job that a little hard work and elbow grease could accomplish just as well? But then Orrick discovered TSheets Kiosk, an online punch clock that can be enabled on multiple devices and placed anywhere on a job site or in a warehouse. 

TSheets has streamlined everything from time tracking to payroll and more.

And ever since implementing TSheets and activating the kiosk, Orrick and his team say they have noticed an impressive difference in the way they track time and allocate labor for different brands and divisions. “TSheets is hands-down the best thing we’ve ever seen for tracking time and doing what we need to do,” Orrick said.

With two kiosks in the warehouse and one in the office, the Solve-It! team has streamlined everything from time tracking to payroll and more. “It’s a well-rounded example of having to track a lot of data on all levels,” Orrick said.

Easy and Accurate Time Clock Data for Business Owners

“On the accounting side of things, we have four divisions,” explained Solve-it Companies’ Accounting Manager Doug Toy-Smith. “So the ability to switch between divisions for timekeeping purposes brings down the cost of accounting. It’s easy to get reports and accurate information out of TSheets every day. No other system can do that as easily.”

In a manufacturing environment, time is money. In the warehouse, the Solve-it! Companies team tracks their time from stationary locations.

The ability to switch between divisions for timekeeping purposes brings down the cost of accounting. … No other system can do that as easily. — Doug Toy-Smith CPA, Solve-It! Accounting Manager Doug Toy-Smith CPA, Solve-It! Accounting Manager

Kiosk Makes Buddy Punching Prevention a Breeze

In addition to tracking time in the warehouse, TSheets Kiosks use photo capture to take photos of employees as they clock in and out, and admins can review the photos on the back-end at any time. It’s a useful feature for Orrick’s growing workforce, when the risk of “buddy punching,” or friends clocking in and out for each other, could be a temptation. 

And although Solve it! Companies is still relatively small, they anticipate that further growth will require them to take extra precautions to prevent buddy punching.

“It’s something I know does happen. It’s not necessarily an issue for us because of our size, but it’s one of those things that’s a nice extra feature to have just in case,” Toy-Smith added. “It prevents the buddy clocking in and out because it’s snapping a photo of the person who’s actually doing the clocking in or out.”

TSheets Kiosk can be set up like a time punch clock in any location.

If the company was to determine employees had been clocking in for one another, Orrick said Solve-it! Companies would deal with the problem depending on the situation, but the photo evidence would be key to their case in navigating labor laws in the state of California.

“The important thing is that we have to have it documented, in case we do have to deal with the state,” Orrick said. “To say ‘Look, this person violated our handbook — here’s the clear evidence.’”

A Time Clock With Photo Capture and “so Much More”

TSheets Kiosk captures photos of employees to provide an extra layer of security.

With the number of products in their facility, Orrick also mentioned the importance of keeping track of inventory, and that the photo capture feature on Kiosk could even be an extra layer of security. “It gives us more data beyond our video surveillance,” said Orrick. 

When it comes to running their business, Solve-it! Companies is happy they made the switch to TSheets with Kiosk, not just for accurate time tracking in their warehouse and streamlined payroll in the office, but also for preventing buddy punching while accounting for future growth.

Don’t waste your time with other employee time clock solutions. TSheets tracks time and so much more. — Trevor Orrick, Solve-It! VP of Business Development Trevor Orrick, Solve-It! VP of Business Development

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