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10 Minutes of Tips for TSheets' New Android App

Mobile Time and GPS Tracking Made Easy

Designed for construction and other remote, multi-location field workers, TSheets' New Android Time Tracking App is easier, more intuitive, and effective than before.

Tune in to view the new app features and find out why it's revolutionizing time and GPS tracking on the mobile market.

Developer Highlights from the T-Time

Nate, TSheets Developer: "…One of the key features is really the syncing in the background… [in the previous version] customers didn’t like the ability that their employees had to keep the app live in order to get all the data synced. So we’ve added native integration with the sync managers, so its going to sync in the background. Your employees won’t have to worry about it, they... can focus on getting their work done as opposed to tracking their time... The next major change we did was the ability to manage your timesheets on the app, instead of having to make sure all your changes are being done through the web dashboard…. And then we have the location data, so in the past you couldn’t see your maps, now you have all the Google maps integration with the Google services. So you can see when you get a GPS pin, exactly where it is, what the accuracy is - on the device - instead of having to go to the web dashboard as well…. Moving forward the next big thing we’re working on is making sure we can get the "crew" functionality set up, so that you’ll be able to clock in groups of people. But that’s slated for a few months from now."

What our Customer Experience Team Loves About the New Android Time Tracker

Katie, TSheets Developer: "...So in the old app we would only collect GPS points when you clocked in, clocked out or added notes. With our new app, along with [adding GPS points] when you clock in, clock out, add notes or change your job code, or add custom fields, we also collect GPS every 10 minutes. So every 10 minutes, you’ll see a new dot show up on your phone. But to help save battery... as soon as you're in an area where you’re connected to wifi, it won’t pull GPS until you change your connection again. So we are saving people’s batteries and giving them great maps views."

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