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How to Use the TSheets Online Time Card

If you're wondering how TSheets online time cards work - join Jessie for a quick 10 minute overview to see how easily you can clock in and out or change projects using TSheets.

T-Time Takeaway

"...this is a punch style time card, and I'm going to put my mouse around that. As you can see here, I've got all of the job codes or projects... and so to clock in, I would actually just select whatever job I was wanting to work on...You can see it's very easy to switch between the projects that I have. If I'm done working on this current task, and I want to switch to a new task, all I do is select it from my options list, and it immediately clocks me in to that new task.

So we also have the ability to do a manual time card, and this is just a standard spreadsheet style time card - so if you have schedules that remain similar throughout the weeks... or if you want to process just straight time then this is a good option for you..."

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