Employee Scheduling Software + Time Tracking = Love

TSheets Is Changing the Business Landscape

Andrew Walsh, owner of Terra Dura Landscaping, works with customers to create “beautiful, inviting, and useful surroundings.” Andrew and his team specialize in an increasingly popular, low-impact type of landscaping known as xeriscaping. They work with the native ecology in Austin, Texas, to create and maintain sustainable, economical, and beautiful landscape designs.

So it should come as no surprise that Andrew insisted his time tracking and scheduling software meet the same high standards his landscaping does.

Andrew spent a significant amount of time researching and testing out both time tracking and employee scheduling software solutions. He knew he needed both to work hand in hand to meet the needs of a mobile team. But was there one product that met both needs?

After several rounds of research and tests, he’d almost given up.

That Was When He Found TSheets.

“I first discovered TSheets while looking for a scheduling solution that offered time tracking,” Andrew says. “I wasn’t finding much out there. There was scheduling software that offered minimal time tracking functionality, and there was time tracking software that offered minimal scheduling functionality—and not a lot in between. I needed comprehensive scheduling and time tracking.”

When Andrew saw that TSheets was on the brink of releasing robust employee scheduling software, that allowed users to schedule by shift or by job, he was thrilled. “I signed up as a beta user as soon as I could,” he says. “And I’ve been really happy with the experience. It’s a big step up for my company when it comes to scheduling and time tracking.”

Simple Employee Adoption

Andrew says that employee adoption was major challenge for both scheduling software and time tracking prior to TSheets. “Syncing with their own calendars wasn’t intuitive or easy, so I couldn’t count on everyone following the schedule.”

With TSheets Scheduling and Time Tracking, Andrew and his employees are able to stay on the same page. “It’s easy for them to sync the schedule I create with whatever calendar app they use,” he says.

A Safety Net of GPS

Andrew has also appreciated the options available to him to make sure employees are following the schedule he’s set.

TSheets employee scheduling software helps Terra Dura keep employees accountable

When I first started using TSheets, I turned GPS tracking on and realized that one of my employees was at home when he was scheduled to be at a job. We got that sorted out, but I would have had no idea if hadn’t been for TSheets’ GPS functionality. Andrew Walsh, Owner of Terra Dura Landscaping

Andrew adds, “It’s not a big brother thing. It’s a safety net. If I feel uncomfortable about something, GPS either gives me the reassurance that my employees are where they’re supposed to be in the field, or it confirms that I need to deal with a situation.”

With the Who’s Working window, Andrew can see each of his team members’ location—and what jobs they’re clocked into on the schedule, keeping everyone on the same page.

Friendly Reminders

One of the features Andrew is most excited about when it comes to TSheets’ Employee Scheduling software is the helpful notifications and alerts. When his employees are scheduled to complete a new job, they’ll be notified 5 minutes before the shift begins, and five minutes after the shift has begun if they aren’t clocked in.

“That’s going to be extremely helpful,” Andrew says. Especially since he’s sent a notification as well, any time an employee doesn’t clock in to an assigned shift or job. The notifications can be customized or turned on and off by employee or by company, and can be set to include email, text, or push notifications—or all three, if desired!

Mobile Scheduling for a Mobile Workforce

Because Andrew’s crew members spend the majority of their days in the field, he needed a mobile scheduling and mobile time tracking solution. With TSheets, Andrew’s crew members carry their schedule and their time cards in the palm of their hand. Switching jobs, getting alerts that they’ve been assigned a new job, or clocking in to a scheduled shift is as easy as a tap to their smartphones. This means Andrew’s team can communicate and stay in the loop, no matter where they are.

QuickBooks Integration

Because TSheets integrates with Quickbooks and other top accounting software, running payroll is easier than ever—and Andrew can count on actual employee hours based on the schedule he built.

No more guesswork, no more estimates, no more illegible time cards cross-referenced with the schedule. Just click and import accurate time data.

Time Tracking and Scheduling, Better Together

With TSheets Scheduling and Time Tracking working hand in hand, the future looks bright for Terra Dura Landscaping: Productivity, accountability, and efficiency are higher than they’ve ever been.

This is an amazing solution. And I love that I don’t have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours. Andrew Walsh, Owner of Terra Dura Landscaping

And the price tag? “I would be paying the same amount for scheduling alone and very limited time tracking capabilities if I chose any other product,” Andrew says. “TSheets was the clear choice here.”

Ready to see how time tracking and scheduling can transform your business?

You can try both absolutely free, right now.

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