TSheets and the Tech Company: A Cinderella Story

Why employees at Advanced Multimedia Solutions are falling in love with TSheets’ time-tracking app

Introducing the employees at Advanced Multimedia Solutions — masters of consumer electronics ranging from energy-smart automated thermostats to home theater systems. The only thing that wasn’t so advanced about this tech-savvy company? Its time-tracking solutions. Employees were barely keeping their heads above water with pen and paper.

In search of a more sophisticated solution, Advanced Multimedia Solutions found TSheets. Not only did the time-tracking app make payroll and mobile time tracking a cinch, but it featured an open API that would allow the company to customize reports and directly integrate with their own software.

Advanced Multimedia Solutions was intrigued. But with a robust API and features, was TSheets user friendly? What about the price tag? The company was thrilled to learn that simplicity is paramount to TSheets—and that the price was far lower than expected. Not to mention, TSheets offered a free, 14-day trial. The TSheets glass slipper fit perfectly.

And so began an epic love story. The employees at Advanced Multimedia Solutions were smitten with the in-app features like the overview page, which gave them a clear “at-a-glance” picture of their day or week. Employees also now had the ability to easily review individual punches. And the variety of timecard options? It was a lifesaver. No smartphone, no problem. One employee uses the app on his iPod Touch, allowing him to track all of his time then sync when he arrives back at the office.

Like any good love story, there were bound to be a few moments of truth. When Chief Operating Officer, Adam Steele, called in to TSheets customer support with questions, he was blown away by the staff’s genuine courtesy, professionalism, and absolute knowledge of the product itself.

Adam couldn’t be happier with the way TSheets has transformed Advanced Multimedia Solutions. From the customer service to the spot-on technology in the mobile apps, it’s a terrific fit.

Your tools make our lives much easier, and without exception, all of the staff I have encountered across several departments have been great to work with Adam Steele

Here’s to a long and happy relationship between TSheets and Advanced Multimedia Solutions. When it comes to electronics, Advanced Multimedia has the solutions. And when it comes to helping tech companies track their time, TSheets takes the cake!

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