TSheets and QuickBooks Online Help Law Firm Run More Efficiently

Brotman Law increases productivity, profitability and time

Brotman Law is a tax attorney firm located in San Diego, California.

Brotman Law is a tax law firm based right by the beach in sunny San Diego, California. Tax attorney, Sam Brotman, aims to run his practice differently from most other tax firms, with a goal of helping clients solve not only their tax problems, but also help them achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

The Team at Brotman Law

One way Brotman Law is able to spend more time focusing on helping clients is through integrating TSheets with QuickBooks Online. It was a chance meeting at an Intuit event for Firm Administrator, Corine Rogers, that lead to the QuickBooks Online and TSheets integration in early 2015 — something Brotman refers to as “a game changer.”

Rogers attended a QuickBooks Online certification class at the Intuit event in January. Sitting in the class, she discovered most of the people in the room were CPAs and bookkeepers. “Other people were talking about how their clients didn’t have things set up right; they had billing set up incorrectly, and I thought, ‘Oh my goodness. That’s us. We’re the bad client.'” She heard about TSheets at the same event and found success immediately.

“We had Quickbooks Online and were looking for better ways to do billing,” explained Rogers.

We did the 14 day free trial and felt the value right away. In terms of the things we’ve spent money on versus the ROI — TSheets is something ridiculously inexpensive. It is such an important part of the business. It’s critical that billing happens, and, I don’t enjoy going over bills, but it’s part of it. And it’s 70% easier with TSheets.

Combining QuickBooks Online with TSheets was a no-brainer for Brotman. “When I started this law firm, we had a commitment to technology. We wanted to leverage every bit of technology we had to and one of the first things I did was invest in QuickBooks Online. Now that we have TSheets integrated with QBO, we have a level of analytics that is unmatched.”

Brotman Law soon discovered ways to be more efficient after implementing online time tracking software. “Corine was spending 1/3 of her time filing,” says Brotman.

Sam Brotman - Tax Attorney at Brotman Law

So we’ve moved to a paperless system now. TSheets helped us realize problems we had that we didn’t even know about. It has opened up an entirely new level of understanding about our business and systems. And we’re getting faster, more efficient, and can help more people. Sam Brotman

Integrating TSheets with QuickBooks Online leads to better business decisions, greater profitability, and better time management for Brotman Law. “In order to run a responsible business, you need to track your money and you need to track your time,” said Brotman. “We were great at tracking money, but terrible at tracking time. We doubled our efficiency and were able to serve our clients better because of TSheets.”

Not only does TSheets and QuickBooks increase profitability, it makes things a lot easier at Brotman Law. “I love the integration,” says Rogers.” The mobility of the product is top notch. I like the ease of building a new client in QuickBooks and then exporting it over into TSheets. Sam can text me and say, ‘Hey I’m at a meeting with a new client, can you add them?’ It takes about 30 seconds to do that.”

Another aspect of TSheets that Rogers finds helpful is the Customer Experience department. “Your customer service team is very well-versed and experienced in guiding the client through something that the client feels is probably an emergency. You’re doing what many companies are not — you’re reacting to someone’s needs right away. I really value that. We’re a small business so every minute counts. We do it or it doesn’t get done.”

With TSheets and QuickBooks Online, Sam Brotman has a firm that runs more efficiently, is more profitable and most importantly, helps him spend more time doing what he loves: helping his clients.

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