How Square and TSheets Improved the Back Office for a Coffee Roasting Business

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Meet Black Oak Coffee Roasters, coffee connoisseurs who roast and ship coffee world-wide, as well as run a destination cafe in the northern wine country of California.

While it’s not where you would expect to find a coffee shop with the meticulous attention to detail and quality that they are known for, they followed their passions for food and roasting coffee and have since grown from six employees in November 2012, to 14 in 2015.

Choosing Square for an Enhanced Point of Sale

In early 2015 Jon Frech, the co-founder of Black Oak, realized he needed to improve the back end of his business. He found Square’s point-of-sale system (POS) to provide the stability he was looking for, and features such as offline mode for credit card processing and the ability to quickly integrate new features like gift cards into his business.

TSheets and Square help with tip pooling, payroll, and employee time tracking.

Square’s POS was just the tool needed to make things easier for his employees, and he was looking for another solution for time tracking and the employee management side of his business. Jon was spending more than two hours each week processing time to pay employees, including hand entering times into a spreadsheet to manually calculate hours and overtime. His cafe manager was spending an hour or more a week checking times for accurate tip-pooling distribution. Jon started by asking Square how he could get time back to focus on his business and improve operations.

For Black Oak Coffee Roasters, the key benefits of using Square with TSheets have been:

  • One access point for employees
  • Easy to adopt and use for employees and managers
  • Simple clock in/out accessible through Square that syncs to TSheets
  • Two best-of-breed technologies solutions that work seamlessly together

Extending Square’s Functionality with TSheets

In order to handle time cards and employee management for his business, Square suggested a time tracker that would integrate with their POS and provide more advanced features for Jon’s growing business. They recommended TSheets. As one of their integrated apps, TSheets offered great features for both employee time tracking and reporting—accessible within Square—inspiring Jon to give it a try with a TSheets free trial.

Saving Time on Employee Management, Payroll and Tip Distribution

By using TSheets with Square, Jon’s employees were able to clock in and out through Square as usual, and his managers were able to use TSheets to see who is working, monitor overtime, approve employee time, run reports, and more. Once up and running with TSheets, the automated tracking and comprehensive reporting simplified the process for Jon and his cafe manager, reducing the time required to accurately pay employees, and saving time on the tip distribution process to less than an hour total each week.

According to Jon, the Square and TSheets integration has been a great solution for his business.

Jon Frech, co-founder of Black Oak Coffee Roasters

Using Square and TSheets together has made running our business easy for both our employees and our managers. We had no trouble getting our staff up and running with Square and TSheets, and in the future we’ll always look for new business tools that integrate and work well with Square, like TSheets. Jon Frech, Co—Founder of Black Oak Coffee Roasters

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