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Who TSheets is and What Separates us from the Pack

Here's a Quick Way to Learn Why TSheets is the #1 Employee Rated and Requested Employee Time Tracker

Hear from TSheets CEO, Matt Rissell, about the commitment TSheets has to ProAdvisors, TSheets PROs, Accountants, and Bookkeepers to deliver an excellent employee time tracker, user experience and support team for TSheets users everywhere.

If you're one of those who opt to read over watch, here's a transcript of the video just for you!

“Hi. My name is Matt Rissell and I'm the CEO of TSheets. I'm here today to share with you a little bit about who TSheets is and what separates us from the pack.

First, our mobile applications. You can track time from any device, anywhere, anytime: starting with a computer in the office and all the way out to the field where you can track from Twitter, from a text message, from a phone call, and finally from the Android or iPhone device.

There are applications you can download to the device that will actually record a GPS location each and every time your employee clocks in and clocks out and then, even better, since we're not a timer, when they close the application the time tracking continues to run in the background. So that a dispatcher, or a manager, or a business owner can be sitting in their office and see from anywhere in the world who is working, what they are working on, and how long they have been working on it and where they are when they're working on it.

At TSheets we're more than just a timer. We are true time tracking application designed for Department of Labor compliance so that you can know when they clocked in and when they clocked out.

Next, we're a DCAA compliant system so for those of your customers that have the federal requirements for doing contract with the federal government we have a DCAA compliant module and the best part is it's at no additional expense.

We also provide features to track paid time off and we'll accrue vacation time in TSheets and all of that can sync over to QuickBooks.

And finally, in conclusion, one of my personal guarantees to you as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, is if you ever refer us to one of your clients our commitment is to make you look good to your clients. Because it's a big risk and I know that it's a big risk. If I was in your shoes as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and I had to refer my clients to another company or an application I know how nerve wracking that is and it's like “Are they going to deliver the same type of customer service and the same quality of product that I do?” And it's like crossing your fingers and hoping that it goes well. We commit to making you look good and we do that thru our customer service. If you need any verification of that please get some verification for that. Go to the Intuit App Center. In less than 6 months we are one of the top rated apps and soon to be the top rated app in the entire Intuit App Center at 160 5–star reviews.

The biggest differentiator, and you'll see this all over TSheets, is that we love [or heart] employees. We care about their user experience. So much so that our goal, written on my office wall, is an employee — when they get to work to clock in even if they don't like their job they'll still enjoy the experience of clocking in.

I appreciate the opportunity to share with you just a little bit about TSheets. If you ever have any questions about TSheets, about how we work, and about how we can support you and your clients we'd appreciate the opportunity. Give us a call and have a great day.”

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