TSheets and Xero Payroll and Accounting FAQs

Are you ready to streamline and simplify your most time-intensive back office tasks? Xero payroll and accounting software integrates with TSheets to help you Xero in on success by eliminating manual entry, improving accuracy, and giving you a paperless paper trail of all logged hours. Take a look through the frequently asked questions below to learn how TSheets + Xero can revolutionize the way you track time, schedule, invoice, and run payroll.


How long will it take to set up the integration between TSheets and Xero?

Setup is quick and easy. Simply start a free trial of TSheets, go to your “Add ons” tab, and click to integrate with your Xero account. All of your customers, service items, and employees will automatically be pulled over so your employees can start tracking time!

How is employee time data transferred to Xero for payroll?

At the end of the pay period, employees simply submit their time for approval with a click. When their manager or administrator is satisfied that the time is correct, he or she simply clicks again to import the employee’s time for the pay period into Xero.

Are employees’ time cards exported one at a time, or all at once?

Simply schedule the job as “unassigned” and include any pertinent details in the notes section. When you know which employee you’d like to assign, they’ll automatically be sent all the information they need!

How does Xero Invoicing work?

Just track time in TSheets, then build an invoice right from the TSheets app. Slice and dice time any way you choose. Next time you sync Xero with TSheets, all invoices will transfer to Xero.

Where can I see previous invoices?

Invoices you create using Xero and TSheets can be viewed in TSheets or in Xero. You’ll be able to see all all previously created invoices from either platform.

Can I edit invoices or timesheets within Xero?

With TSheets, it’s easy to make any necessary edits to invoices. Need to add an extra bit of time or change the spelling on an invoice? No problem!

Will any type of Xero account sync with TSheets?

Yes! All Xero accounts sync seamlessly with TSheets. However, if you’ll need to be on the Xero Standard or Premium plan if you’re planning to create or send more than 5 invoices.


What information does Xero bring into TSheets?

TSheets will bring in all of your active employees, customers, service items and classes from Xero.

How does the sync work between Xero and TSheets?

Employees simply track time using the TSheets app, then click to submit their time for approval to a manager or administrator. If the administrator is satisfied that the timecard is correct, the time can be approved and sent to Xero with another click to run payroll. Time can also be used to create invoices right from the TSheets app to bill clients.

Will integrating with TSheets change any of my employee or client information in Xero?

Definitely not! The only information that TSheets can adjust is timesheet information. Meaning, even if you change a client or employee within TSheets, the next time you do an import that information will be reverted back to what is in Xero. We always recommend making any changes in Xero, then importing to TSheets for just this reason! Learn more about importing and exporting information with Xero.

Should I set up customers in Xero or TSheets?

Always create, edit, and delete customers in Xero, then import them into TSheets. Find answers to more questions about functionality between Xero and TSheets.

Benefits/Competitive Advantage

How does Xero integrate with TSheets time tracking?

Employees use the intuitive TSheets app to track hours against projects, clients, and jobs using their smartphones or online. At the end of the pay period, simply click to sync that time data with Xero. Voila! Now you have an accurate-to-the-second record of employee hours that can be synched with Xero and used to run payroll, job cost, create invoices, and bill clients.

How does the integration between TSheets and Xero save me time?

The American Payroll Association estimates that it takes about 5 minutes to process a single employee’s timecard—and that time adds up fast. With TSheets you can turn those hours into mere minutes. Simply review and approve employee hours in TSheets with a click, click again to sync with Xero, then use the hours to run payroll at warp speed.

How does TSheets’ Scheduling save me time?

Most companies spend upwards of 8 hours each week creating and editing their schedules. With TSheets Scheduling, you can turn those hours into mere minutes by switching to a cloud-based, mobile scheduling solution. And unlike Excel spreadsheets and whiteboards, TSheets allows you to notify your employees of changes and new shifts and jobs via push, text, and email notifications, keeping everyone on the same page and reducing costly overtime and employee absenteeism.


What kind of support can I count on from TSheets?

With TSheets, you’ll have access to free, unlimited support through chat, email, and phone. Our customers’ happiness and success is our top priority, and we’re committed to going above and beyond in helping you optimize TSheets for your unique business needs.

How do I get started with TSheets and Xero?

If you’re new to TSheets, simply start a free trial! You’ll be able to take time tracking + Xero for a test drive. If you already use TSheets for time tracking, just go to the “Add-ons” section of your TSheets dashboard, click “Manage Add-ons,” scroll down to “Xero,” and hit “Install”!


How much does TSheets cost?

After your trial period ends, TSheets is just a $16 base fee + $4 per user.* (*with annual subscription). Learn more on the TSheets pricing page.

Do I save money by combining time tracking and accounting with Xero?

Yes! Good accounting hinges on accurate, efficient time tracking. By integrating TSheets employee time tracking with beautiful accounting through Xero, you can say goodbye to manual entry and hello to accurate time tracking and on-point job costing, invoicing, and payroll. By adding TSheets to your business toolkit, you’ll also save time creating schedules and keeping track of employees’ whereabouts—and time is money!

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