Gusto and TSheets Is A Huge Win for T-Sports

Coach Zach Turner saves his business by saving time on payroll

TSheets saves Zach Turner, founder of T-Sports, from monotonous tasks like collecting employee time cards by hand or manually running payroll

Account executive by day, award-winning baseball coach by night, and founder of T-Sports, a San Francisco based sports training camp for kids, in between.

Unsurprisingly, his busy schedule means that Zack has little time for monotonous tasks like collecting employee time cards by hand or manually running payroll. Unfortunately, when it came to T-Sports, that’s exactly what he was forced to do.

With Gusto and TSheets, Zack has saved more than four hours each week on payroll alone.

“I struggled with keeping the company afloat,” he said, “the administrative side of the business was sucking up a lot of my time each week — time I could have spent with my coaches or working with the kids.”

And, after two years of searching for a solution, he was starting to wonder, “Should I give up?”

Fortunately, fate intervened … in the form of a big, red T.

Zack spotted TSheets on the Gusto website and thought to himself, “What better solution for T-Sports than TSheets?” A company that promised to solve Zack’s payroll problems right down to the T.

Cutting Administrative Time in Half with Gusto + TSheets

“We used to use physical time cards,” said Zack. “The employees would fill them out each week, I would pick them up on-site, then do a bunch of manual work to get the time data entered into a Google sheet and sent off to my accountant. It was sucking up hours of my time each week.”

After a few years of this, Zack realized he either needed to give up on his dream and close the doors on T-Sports for good, or find a better solution. Fortunately, he chose option B.

For Zack, the first step towards a solution was finding a payroll software that worked for his business. He recalled that friend of his had recently started working at Gusto and decided to check them out. “They’ve been great,” he said, “They make it really easy to run payroll.”

But he still needed a better time tracking solution.

T-Sports saves more than four hours each week on payroll alone with the combination of Gusto and TSheets.

“I checked out their integrations page and the first thing I noticed was a big, red T,” he said. “I looked into it and it was immediately clear to me that TSheets was the most robust time tracking integration — so I decided to give it a shot.”

Now, after just six months of using TSheets, Zack has saved more than four hours each week on payroll alone. “It’s given me more time to spend with my clients and coaches,” he said, “I can’t express enough how much stress has been relieved from not having to do those tasks manually!”

GPS location tracking makes T-Sports' job easy to see where his 25 coaches are located across the city.

On the Move with Mobile Capabilities

T-Sports’ tagline is “Where competition meets fun.” And Zack doesn’t take that lightly.

“We’re in an extremely saturated market,” he said. “Sports camps are everywhere.” But T-Sports’ dedication to enthusiasm and fun sets them far, far apart from the competition. “It’s something I talk to my coaches about on a daily basis,” he said.

He believes that kids, especially young kids, learn best when they’re genuinely having fun — and the best coaches always coach with a smile on their face. As a result, you won’t find any “old baseball guys” at T-Sports. “We tend to hire pretty young,” said Zack. “A lot of our coaches are in high school or fresh out of graduation.”

TSheets provide peace of mind that when a worker clocks in, they are really where they say they are.

You also won’t find them sitting in an office. “All our coaches and directors are out in the fields,” Zack said. “We’re never in front of computers.” Because of this, TSheets’ mobile capabilities are a pivotal piece of the puzzle.

“The coaches can clock in and out right from their mobile device — right from the field. I have 25 employees this year — which is a lot of people to keep track of, especially across multiple locations. The GPS location tracking gives me peace of mind because I know that when a coach checks in, they’re actually where they say they are — in the field.”

Zach plans to use TSheets to make sure his coaches are running around with the kids instead of sitting on a bucket.

As I continue to use TSheets’ GPS functionality, it will ensure that my coaches are staying active and enthusiastic with the kids. I want to see them running around in the field and not sitting on buckets on the sidelines. Zack Turner

Fast Paced Setup for a Fast Paced Business

With nearly 300 kids signed up for various camps and 25 coaches, life moves quickly for T-Sports — especially in the summer. “We have off seasons,” said Zack, “but 90% of our revenue comes from the summer season.”

TSheets makes it easy for Zack to add a new employee and get them set up to track time in minutes.

With that in mind, having a fast and easy way to onboard new employees is a T-Sports essential.

“I have a lot of new employees coming on at any given time, and I need to be able to accurately track their hours worked from the very first minute,” said Zack. TSheets makes it easy for him to add a new employee and get them set up to track time in minutes. Best of all, “They can do it all from their mobile device.” When a new employee is added, they can download the app, sign in, and start tracking time without ever leaving the field.

And, when the off-season hits, Zack doesn’t have to pay for all those suddenly inactive users. TSheets only charges per active employee.

The result? More time, more money, and a more successful business.

“If you ask me,” said Zack, “that’s is a huge win.” Some might even say, a home run.

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