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Transform Your Business With Workforce Scheduling Software

Get a 360-degree view of your workforce with TSheets Scheduling

What do Forbes and TSheets have in common?

No, it's not that our CEO, Matt Rissell is a regular contributor (though he is — check out his latest post), it's that we both agree people are a company's best asset.

In his Forbes article on the topic, leadership consultant Rodger Dean Duncan writes that managers are at the front line when it comes to keeping employees happy and engaged with their job. It's also important for those employees to be doing meaningful work, and for them to be well rewarded for what they do. Not just financially—they need to be valued personally, too.

So far, so obvious.

But what if your weekly schedule is so hectic you simply don't have room to give your team the validation they crave? How do you set the time aside, with everything else going on, to build that rewarding environment when you're already giving everything you've got just to keep the wheels on the road?

You could work longer days of course, but hey, you're already doing enough of that!

TSheets has thought long and hard about this, because it's a problem that many of our customers tell us about: They say they need a way to simplify the job of organizing their team's work as well as knowing how long it took them.

We listened, we shut ourselves away for a few weeks — took some vitamin D supplements — and we came back with:

Get a 360 degree view of your employees with TSheets Workforce Scheduling Software.

TSheets Scheduling

Why use several systems to manage your most valuable resource when one could do it better?

For the first time, TSheets is offering the complete, 360-degree view of your workforce — from where you need them to be, to what they've been doing, to where they're going—by combining the most sophisticated time tracking tool available with powerful new scheduling software.

It's called TSheets Scheduling and it's a big step forward in the TSheets time tracking revolution.

Shift Scheduling and Job Scheduling in One

Whether you're scheduling next week's shifts or a two-month job, TSheets Scheduling can help you get the very best out of your team. It can cut the time it takes to create a schedule down from a whole day to a few minutes, and is responsive enough to cope with any last-minute changes or unforeseen emergencies that come your way.

What could you do with an extra eight hours a week? (Hint: use a few of those hours to focus on your employees' well-being in addition to their location and productivity!)

Creating a new shift or job assignment is a simple drag-and-drop. You can assign it to one employee or a whole team — and most critically, you only need to share it with them when you're ready. Just hit "publish" and the TSheets app on their phone will do the rest. Their schedule is updated immediately and they'll also get an alert by text, push notification, or email (or all three!) to let them know of the new job or schedule change. Time to take that dirty old whiteboard off the wall.

"I needed comprehensive scheduling and time tracking," says Andrew Walsh, owner of Terra Dura Landscaping. "And I've been really happy with the experience. It's a big step up for my company when it comes to scheduling and time tracking.

"This is an amazing solution. I love that I don't have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours."

Quote from Andrew Walsh: This is an amazing solution. I love that I do not have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours.
This is an amazing solution. I love that I don't have to go to a separate platform to access the schedule or employee hours. Andrew Walsh, Owner, Terra Dura Landscaping

Scheduling and Time Tracking: Better Together

Your employees will now be clocking right into the shifts or jobs that have been assigned to them. When it's time to start work, they just click on the reminder they've received and boom! They're clocking in to the right job, at the right time. If they haven't clocked in within five minutes, another friendly reminder goes out, and this time, the employee's manager is sent a notification as well (if you want it to), just in case urgent cover is needed. Not sure who's on vacation? No problem. Your paid time off records are already there for you in the same system.

Being on the clock also means that for any employees using the TSheets app, you can get a recent GPS location, which is especially handy for companies that need to schedule urgent jobs during the day. Imagine being able to find your nearest technician and get all the details of the job sent to them while your client is still there on the phone with you. Well, with the Who's Working window, now you know! No more wasted journeys across town: Your employee gets there ahead of the competition, and everyone's happy.

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