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Simple scheduling software for every small business

Easy scheduling plus accurate time tracking keeps your business running smoothly and efficiently.

Scheduling the whole team will appreciate

Let employees focus on doing their best work instead of worrying about their schedules. With TSheets, small business owners can create, copy, and paste schedules easily.

All the features small businesses love

Schedule icon.

Instant schedules

Just drag and drop to create, edit, and assign shifts for the day, week, or month.

Invoice icon.

Billing and invoicing

Mark jobs as billable and track time against them for easy and accurate invoicing.

Alerts icon.

Real-time notifications

Set up notifications to alert staff members when managers publish or change schedules.

Record keeping icon.

Easy record-keeping

Ditch paper files. TSheets stores all employee schedules in the cloud. Reference and download past schedules anytime.

Mobile app icon.

Mobile app

Create schedules, use GPS time tracking to dispatch workers to the nearest job site, and have employees clock in from any device.

Project tracking icon.

Project tracking

Track projects as you go and correct time and budget mistakes before it’s too late. View estimated hours versus actual hours worked.

Employee scheduling on desktop and mobile phone.

Schedule from a desktop or the mobile app

Scheduling with TSheets is easy. Access the schedule from any device: iPhone, Android, desktop, or laptop. With our mobile app, managers can schedule on the fly, and employees can get push notifications when managers publish or change schedules.

If your small business is in a more traditional office, creating and copying schedules from your computer is a snap. And employees can get email notifications for important schedule changes.

Which small businesses use TSheets for scheduling?

Whether you have rotating shifts, fixed shifts, or lots of jobs to juggle, TSheets scheduling can help keep things running smoothly. Small businesses that love our scheduling software tend to be in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service 
  • Production
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TSheets scheduling boosts efficiency for local small business

When it comes to TSheets, SERVPRO® of Boise loves the built-in small business scheduling software. They knew they needed mobile time tracking and scheduling for their highly mobile workforce. After they implemented TSheets for both needs, owner Allie Isaacson said they improved efficiency with TSheets Scheduling. The SERVPRO® of Boise team is always busy, and new jobs come through constantly. TSheets allows them to assign crews to a new job appointments in real time, so team members always know where they’re going next. 

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TSheets on mobile, tablet and laptop.

How to schedule your small business employees 

All TSheets plans include scheduling. Use TSheets to schedule your team for the week or month. Customize alerts to notify employees when you publish or change the schedule.

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required. 
  2. Invite your employees to TSheets from inside the app.
  3. Add shifts or jobs to the schedule and assign them to your team.
  4. Save your new schedule as a template to use in the future.  
  5. Run a Scheduled vs. Worked report for employees or jobs.

Why TSheets scheduling is great for small businesses

Make life less complicated. TSheets is the simple scheduling software that saves your small business time. Users save an average of three hours a week managing employee time.1

FAQs about small business scheduling

Scheduling reduces no-show employees and helps the business get a realistic understanding of what workers can do in a certain amount of time. Better planning can help reduce costs and improve execution on future projects. When employees clock in through the TSheets schedule, all the information they need pre-populates. And at the end of the pay period, you’ll have an accurate-to-the-second record of all employee hours.

You can create scheduling templates and use them each week with TSheets. You can also copy shifts over from previous weeks and modify them as needed.

No. Both the TSheets Premium and TSheets Elite offerings include scheduling.

Yes, you can view schedules by workweek, work hours, week start, and total hours. Here’s how to change the view.

You can alert your team of published or changed schedules. You can even set shift reminders to send via push notification, email, or text. Here’s how.

Yes. Once you create your TSheets schedule, sync it to Google Calendar, Androids, iPhones and other iOS devices, Apple calendar, Outlook for Windows, and the Outlook web app. Here’s how to sync your schedule to a calendar.

1TSheets surveyed 2,473 customers in the U.S. on 9/27/18, asking “Are you seeing any savings in the time it takes to manage employee time since you started using TSheets?” Respondents had a choice of selecting No, two hours, four hours, six hours, eight hours, 10 hours, or entering the number of hours themselves into a free-text field. The average time saved was calculated from these responses.

Start saving time and improving efficiency with TSheets scheduling