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Time tracking for small business owners

Precise timesheets are necessary for every small business. We keep employee timesheets simple and accurate.

More than easy time tracking for small businesses

With TSheets, you’re not just getting accurate-to-the-second timesheets (though, that is a huge perk). You’re eliminating manual time entry for payroll, getting critical insights, and keeping your small business on track with scheduling and GPS tracking.

Features small business owners love

Project tracking icon.

Project management

Track job progress in real time, and compare estimated hours to hours worked on your projects.

Invoice icon.

Easy invoicing

Mark jobs as billable and track time against them for easy and accurate invoicing.

GPS tracking icon.

GPS tracking

Enable GPS time tracking for a bird’s-eye view of your employees. Deploy teams efficiently and increase accountability.

Scheduling icon.

Simple scheduling

Just drag and drop to create, edit, and assign jobs or shifts for the day, week, or month. Alert your team of new and changed schedules.

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Seamless integrations

Automate time entry for faster payroll and invoicing. Sync your favorite payroll and accounting software with TSheets.

Time Clock Kiosk

Our tablet-optimized punch clock app makes it easy for many employees to track time from the same device. It's ideal for retail spaces.

Desktop and mobile phone running tsheets mobile app tracking.

Desktop and mobile app tracking

With multiple ways to track time, TSheets is the simple solution for small business owners. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, and whether you prefer Android, iPhone, or a desktop, TSheets has you covered. Use one way or use them all—whatever works best for your small business.

TSheets mobile app.

How to track time for your small business

Tracking time for small businesses is easy with TSheets. Whether you use a computer, an Android, or an iPhone, time tracking stays simple yet accurate.

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
  2. Invite your employees to use TSheets. 
  3. Create jobs or sync with QuickBooks to import your customers.
  4. Have employees open the Time Clock on the web dashboard or mobile app.
  5. Select a job or task.
  6. Select Clock In, and that’s it! They’re now tracking time.
Consultant talking with small business owner.

Small business consultant loves payroll with TSheets

With a workforce that wasn’t exactly a group of “computer wizards,” Mariann was looking for a simple time tracking system that also made payroll easy. “We run payroll once a week,” said Mariann. “But I actually like doing payroll … especially since it’s so easy!” With TSheets, she and her HVAC clients are saving time, saving money, and growing their businesses bigger than ever. 

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 Why TSheets is the timesheet solution for small businesses

Entering time and approving timesheets has never been easier. TSheets is the simple way to track time accurately. Whether you have one office or many, our timesheet options are for your small business.

FAQs about time tracking for small businesses

TSheets is available on desktop and laptop computers, Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. Our mobile app lets employees clock in and out from their phones—even when outside of cell service. Enable Time Clock Kiosks on tablets or computers for a digital punch clock solution.

TSheets only records an employee’s location while the employee is on the clock. Employers will not receive location data after an employee clocks out. For more information on our GPS feature, visit our GPS FAQ for employers and employees.

Yes, you can integrate TSheets with QuickBooks, Xero, or Gusto for easy invoicing. Or you can use our built-in invoicing feature to generate quick and accurate invoices for your clients.

TSheets offers pricing packages to fit your needs, starting at $8 per user, plus a $20 base fee, per month. TSheets includes a 14-day free trial. And all packages include free, unlimited support online and over the phone. For more information, see plans and pricing.

No. Both the TSheets Premium and TSheets Elite offerings include scheduling.

You can run an employee job costing report. Here’s how.

Looking for a simple employee time tracking solution for your small business? Try us out.