Employees Clock in and Out Through Square on iPad

Employees Clock In/Out Through Square

Single Square interface with advanced time tracking features by TSheets

Keep things simple by using TSheets time tracking integrated with Square. Your employees clock in and out right from your Square point of sale, and your managers benefit from best-of-breed time tracking with real-time reporting and business insight for one of your greatest business expenses–labor.

Perfect for retailers with multiple locations tracking employee time

Multi-Location Time Tracking for Retail

Automatic syncing of time from Square to TSheets

Perfect for retailers with multiple locations, employees punch in and punch out using a simple 4-digit pin in Square and their time automatically syncs into TSheets. If you have one or multiple employees clocking in and out using Square, accurately track their time and use TSheets’ Who’s Working feature to ensure your employees are on the clock and where they need to be, all in real time.

See which employees are working real time

The Power of TSheets and Square

Building accuracy and efficiency into your business

Take time tracking to the next level with powerful insights about who’s working and where, easy reporting for managers, job costing, invoicing and more. Have employees on the go, or multiple locations? TSheets’ go-anywhere cloud-based time tracking allows you to manage a mobile workforce from one device and access real-time business insights with just a click. Say hello to effortless, accurate payroll; custom overtime alerts that keep costs down; and handy clock in/out reminders that eliminate backtracking and guesswork.

Works With Square’s point of sale and Square Payroll

Ease of Use for Employees; Accurate Time Tracking and Powerful Reporting for Managers

Square + TSheets makes life easier for our employees and our managers. We had no trouble getting our staff to adopt Square or TSheets, and in the future we’ll consider only products that integrate and work well with Square, like TSheets. Jon Frech, owner of Black Oak Coffee Roasters Jon Frech, Co-founder of Black Oak Coffee Roasters

TSheets integrates seamlessly with Square for easy time tracking, robust reporting your managers need, and faster payroll. Your employees track time as usual by clocking in using their four-digit PIN from Square or directly through TSheets, and their time will be immediately available for reporting, job costing or payroll. You’ll have the accurate and detailed time tracking information you need for all your employees and locations, in real time.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

Save time and money on accurate and efficient payroll

If you’re hoping to grow your business, then it’s time to establish a solid business foundation and say goodbye to manually entering employee timecard information. As your business grows (and your number of employees increases), your business processes need to be able to keep up, and eliminating manual tasks is no exception. Manually tracking and entering employee time is not efficient, accurate or scalable. According to the American Payroll Association (APA) you could be saving 2% or more on payroll expenses each year, just by moving from manual entry to automated time tracking. You might be surprised—calculate how much your business could be saving each year on payroll.

See which employees are working real time

Easily Manage Employee Overtime

TSheets’ overtime alerts help you stay on top of payroll expenses

Overtime expenses can really add up for a small business, and are often difficult to manage due to complex state overtime laws. The good news is both can be resolved using TSheets. Set up your account to track according to local overtime laws, and use TSheets’ overtime alerts to notify the administrator or manager when an employee is approaching regular time limits. Managing employee time has never been as easy as it is with TSheets.

My company started using TSheets about 8 months ago, and we love it, it has saved us so much money. Not one of our employees has had a 40 hour week since we started due to the actual clock in and out on the job site. No more handwritten 40 hour-a-week time cards , I would recommend this to anyone. –Melissa
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