Create a Timesheet with a Text Message

T Notes: TSheets Rocks!

Yep, 35% of people still have these dinosaurs. No offense. Text Your Timesheet

Text From Any Mobile Device to Track Time

No need to be text-savvy to text your time. It’s super easy!

Tracking time has never been faster or more practical for clocking in and out on the go, regardless of device. Any device that can send and receive text messages, is now a mobile timesheet for employees, accurately keeping track of hours worked, project changes, employee notes and more.

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Edit Employee Timesheets

Forgot to clock in? No problem, fix it on the go

An employee doesn’t need to be a fast, savvy, or experienced texter to track time via text with TSheets. Using simple text codes, like, “t in sales” or “t notes arrived late” an employee can easily keep their timesheet accurate and detailed.

If an employee forgets to clock in as a manager, or has “manage my timesheet” permission, they can easily update their timesheet to the right time with a simple “t in 8:00 (whatever the correct clock in time)” text message, and their employee timesheet will reflect the updated time.

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Choosing the Phone Number to Text

No 800 numbers here, select a local number

To start using time tracking via text, start by selecting a local phone number through the TSheets administrative dashboard. Employees would then text that specific number for clocking in or out, changing job codes or leaving work notes – for real-time data in down the second accuracy and detail.

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Clock in a Crew Using Text Messaging

Get your crew cruising and on the clock with one simple text

Time Tracking via Text Message for Crews
Tired of managing inefficient paper timecards? A crew supervisor can quickly and easily manage employee timesheets with a simple text message, clocking in or out part or all of their crew, as needed. Adding notes, changing projects for all or part of the crew is just as simple, by adding usernames to the end of the text: “t in job site A @joe @marley @sam” or “t notes crew worked hard today.”

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Employees Love TSheets Texting Timesheet Love

Our bookkeeper did a happy dance. We rolled this app out to our Chimney Sweeps first, as they are at multiple locations almost every day. They now text their time in and switch from job to travel to job with ease. The time this has saved us in the office has been phenomenal ! No more manual calculation from paper time logs. Much more accurate assessment of the use of time. We verify the time, approve it, sync with QuickBooks, validate, and we’re ready for payroll! We truly believe this has been one of the best investments our businesses have made. LuxTekkie, Manchester, VT Via

Just what the doctor ordered. I needed something that would integrate with QuickBooks Online Payroll and this has fit the bill perfectly. Getting set up took two phone calls and one try. I like that. My staff loves being able to clock in and out using text messaging. I review and fix problems in less than ten seconds and the integration into QuickBooks allows my payroll to take less than two minutes. More than cured any of my payroll woes. High recommendations from me! Dadieo, kingwood, tx Via

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