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Learn how a time clock system can save you time, money, and even a lawsuit

Employees are your most important—and most expensive—resource.

Payroll can exceed 50% of your business expenses. And according to the American Payroll Association, you’re losing an average of 10 minutes per shift, per employee by using paper timesheets or old-school time clocks. For many small business owners, that’s thousands of lost hours over the course of a year—and thousands more in payroll.

Ready to take your time back? Let TSheets put your lost hours to work.

#1 Rated Time Clock System

Business owners everywhere love TSheets

With 2,000+ 5-star reviews and free, unlimited support, TSheets is the #1 rated time clock system for employers and employees alike.

How Employers Get Employees to Track Time

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Protect Your Business

Employee time clock software is your best defense against an FLSA lawsuit

TSheets protects your business from FLSA lawsuits with a timestamped record of all changes to employee timesheets, accurate-to-the-second payroll, and overtime management tools.

TSheets helps your business stay FLSA compliant
TSheets helps you prepare for the new FLSA regulations

Save on overtime with automated alerts as employees approach overtime thresholds.

Save on Overtime

Stop unauthorized overtime in its tracks with a time clock program

No more surprises, no more unexpected costs. Set a customizable alert to ping manager and employee when overtime thresholds approach.

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Keep track of your employees with GPS tracking. See when employees clock in, where they're working, and what they're working on.

Mobile Solutions

Employees on the go? Time tracking stays simple with time clock software

With TSheets, employees on the go can track time from the devices they already use. And with GPS tracking, you’ll stay in the know!.

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“TSheets has drastically reduced the amount of time it takes us to run payroll. Before, we needed to manually enter data, and now it all transfers to QuickBooks. It has cut our payroll down by four or five hours per pay period.” – Shelley Barck, Rainbow International, Franchise Owner TSheets has cut our payroll down by four or five hours per pay period -Shelley Barck from Rainbow International.

Fast, Easy Payroll

Time clock software syncs seamlessly with your favorite accounting program!

TSheets syncs with top accounting and payroll software like QuickBooks, Xero, and Gusto. Employees track time in TSheets, then you import those hours with one click. It’s that easy!

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TSheets Hearts Employees Customer Love

TSheets is to time tracking like Kleenex is to tissues! This is good stuff! Vicki Borror

When our manual time clock system broke, we tried TSheets—and we haven’t looked back. All of my staff can clock in at any of our locations, with mobile devices or online. The reports are easy. The integration with QuickBooks is great. As a manager, I especially like the GPS feature. My payroll processing time has been cut in half. Very simple, and everyone likes using it! We’ll agree with this one
D. Nolan,
Vancouver, WA

This time clock software has made my life a LOT easier. The app is very easy to use, and my employees like it too! And whenever I need help, customer service is AMAZING! Leo,
Maltborough, MA

We are so impressed with TSheets!. With our old time clock system, it was a labor intensive process to bill our customers for time. TSheets has made billing so much easier—and more accurate as well! Our biggest customer actually commented on our new process to say how much they appreciate the accurate information I am able to provide! Marlene

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