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A Fast and Easy Way for Employees to Clock in, on Site

A time clock kiosk is the ideal solution for businesses with employees clocking in at the same location. This easy, cost-effective alternative to traditional punch time clocks works on any computer or tablet with an internet connection.

And forget complicated usernames or passwords. Employees use a simple four-digit PIN to clock in and out and take breaks. The time clocks are optimized for speed but includes all the advanced time tracking features you need.

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On the Clock and Ready to Work in Seconds

Using a time clock, employees clock in and out, on the same device, using a simple four-digit PIN. There’s no need to scroll through endless job codes either. Employees can quickly and easily clock in to the last job code they tracked time against. Within seconds, they’re on the clock and ready to work!

No PIN? No problem! Employees can reset forgotten PINs on their own — without wasting admin time.

We had a bad storm on Sunday — lost electricity and the festival’s general Wi-Fi — but with cellular data coverage, the iPads and TSheets stayed STRONG! The employees were able to check out without any problems! Yesterday was our production down day — first day off after working 10 straight days — and my office was able to close!

— New Orleans Jazz Festival


Know Who Clocked in With Photo Capture and Facial Recognition

Want to make sure the right employee is clocking in and out, even when you’re not there? Enable photo capture and facial recognition on your time clock kiosk and automatically capture employee photos when they clock in and out. The software will even flag timesheet photos when something doesn’t look quite right. Facial recognition is a biometric solution to prevent buddy punching and time theft. It is a great alternative to fingerprint scanners that can malfunction over time. Plus, there’s no additional hardware or complex setup required!

Submit Time on Your Time Clock Kiosk

No more chasing down employees to collect their timesheets. Whether your employees need to submit their time daily or once per pay period, they can easily review and submit time directly from the time clock kiosk. You can even set notifications to remind employees when their hours are due based on the pay period settings in your account.

An Easy Alternative to Traditional Punch Clocks

Our employee time clock software solution comes with all the advanced time tracking capabilities you already know and love! Employees can still quickly and easily track time against multiple projects or clients, take a break, clock out for the day, add notes, and even submit time for payroll — all directly from the time clock kiosk.

Big Benefits for Your Business

The time clock is a great solution for employees who work in a central location — like manufacturing plants, warehouses, construction sites, or retail stores.

Do you have some employees on site while others are on the go? No problem. With TSheets, you get all-inclusive, flexible time tracking that can be used in multiple locations, on mobile devices, or on the web.

No matter where or how you need to track time, we have the solution.

Learn more about the many ways to track time with TSheets.

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1Methodology: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “In 2015, 78.2 million workers age 16 and older in the United States were paid at hourly rates” (source) and in the same year, the average hourly wage for hourly employees in the U.S. was $22.97 (source/calculations). According to data collected for TSheets by PollFish in February 2017: 16% of employees who have to submit timesheets at work admit to clocking in for co-workers (also known as “buddy punching”); timesheets are most commonly submitted weekly; and when timesheet errors are made, these errors most commonly amount to an additional 15 minutes per timesheet (source).Calculations: Based on this data, the total number of hourly employees who admit to buddy punching can be calculated as: 16% of 78.2 million = 1,251,200. If each of these 1,251,200 employees adds 15 minutes to a coworker’s weekly timesheet by buddy punching, this would amount to $5.74 per employee, per timesheet (15 minutes is 25% of 1 hour, so 25% of the average hourly wage, $22.97, is $5.74). This gives us a total weekly cost to US employers of $7,181,888 ($5.74 x 1,251,200). Over a year, this adds up to $373,458,176 ($7,185,016 x 52 weeks). Methodology: In February 2017, TSheets commissioned PollFish to conduct a survey of 1,000 U.S workers aged 18+ about their time tracking habits. One of the questions was “Have you ever clocked in for a co-worker?” and of the 954 respondents, 150 of them answered “Yes” – a response rate of 15.72%.