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Intuit Online Payroll

Paperless Time Tracking for Paperless Payroll

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No More Manual Entry!

Sync your timesheets to IOP

Entering hours manually in Intuit Online Payroll is now a thing of the past. With TSheets, importing tracked hours to IOP is as simple as one click. Simply install the TSheets Chrome extension, track hours in TSheets, and import them into IOP!

Download the IOP TSheets Chrome extension in the Chrome web store.

“Previously, I had to enter employee hours into IOP by hand. It took forever. Now, I just click to import the hours from TSheets — and done! I love It!”- Shawna Aho, Small Business Solutions and Accounting Professional for STAC Bizness Solutions
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Easy, Automated Payroll

Save hours running employee payroll

Manually entering employee time data takes—well—time! And a lot of it. TSheets turns a laborious, manual process into mere minutes! Here’s what one IOP user had to say:

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Compliance, Covered

In today’s world of rising FLSA lawsuits, having accurate time data is more important than ever! TSheets time tracking can help with DOL and DCAA regulation complianceFLSA compliance, and is detailed, accurate, and easy to use however and wherever you need it.

Loaded with Features

Everything you need to track time

TSheets also includes free GPS tracking, overtime alerts, employee reminders to clock in and out, breaks and lunch deduction options, a Who’s Working view that shows all employees on the clock and their locations, one-click reporting optionsmobile management tools, and—last but definitely not least—access to free, unlimited support by phone, chat, or email.

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