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How accurate are your project estimates and bids?
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Is your business financially healthy?

With the TSheets employee job costing report, you’ll know! Employees simply track job codes, service items, and projects in TSheets. Then, using one simple report, you can see a comprehensive picture of employee hours by job code, pay rate, project, and more.

Job cost report within TSheets.

Job costing reports

Understand your true labor costs and total financial health

TSheets ensures that employee paychecks are accurate — and guarantees that those hours contribute to the financial health of your business.

Job costing with accurate employee hours (most companies’ largest profit and loss line item!) means that every dollar flowing in or out of your company is accounted for. TSheets’ easy-to-use, accurate job costing report provides the detailed labor information you need to help ensure that your estimates cover all aspects of a project, as well as identify fringe costs, like overtime.

QuickBooks Online - and other accounting and payroll systems - sync

Sync timesheets to payroll with one click

The secret sauce for job costing is ... labor allocation!

Job costing starts with accurate employee time designated to the right project or job code, which happens automatically in TSheets, and ends with an accurate, easy-to-use job costing report.

Use those accurate hours (and that newfound insight) to run payroll, invoice clients, and more from your favorite accounting software.TSheets syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks, ADP, Xero, Sage, Gusto, and other top accounting and payroll products.

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Make your business more profitable with job cost reporting

Job costing improves productivity

Higher productivity means higher profit margins and greater success

With job costing, you can improve productivity by honing in on trouble spots, untapped potential, and opportunities for more efficiency in your business. Whether you’re in construction or landscaping, a subcontractor or professional service provider, job costing with accurate-to-the-penny employee time makes (and saves) a lot of cents!

Track time for projects wherever the job takes you

Job costing for mobile workers

Accurately track employee time from the job site

No matter where your employees are, they can easily track their time and you can accurately calculate the cost of labor on the job — and it all happens in real time! That’s why subcontractors, landscapers, construction companies, and businesses everywhere are choosing TSheets. It’s easy to track employee time regardless of location, improve project estimates with accurate labor numbers, and increase profitability.

A Construction Time Clock With GPS and Mobile Functionality

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While using TSheets is simple, and syncing employee time with QuickBooks takes mere seconds, how you choose to use employee time for job costing is unique to your business. Your business strategy and goals, as well as billable versus non-billable, will determine how you set up your QuickBooks file for job costing.

If you’re currently using TSheets and need help setting up your job costing, Ryan and Shannon Mackey of Everything QuickBooks are ProAdvisors We Trust and will provide a free file review to help you get started. Enter your name, email and phone number below for your free file review.

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Our reviews speak for themselves

TSheets is exactly what we need for payroll and job costing.
5 star customer review
— Karen Mitchell, Online Accounting
TSheets is EXTREMELY easy to use and manage. It provides job costing through the report features and syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks. You will not go wrong with TSheets!
5 star customer review
— JYu, Comptroller, Mammoth Restoration
This will be the best thing that ever happened to your company! I especially love the invoicing and job costing reports. It allows us to view how much profit and loss we are making for each job.
5 star customer review
— Alma C.

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