Blame the right brain. Creative types can nail art and copy, but the numbers game has never been their main selling point. “Mad men” indeed. Especially true to the accountants and HR departments constantly pursuing comprehensible billable hours from flexibly-scheduled and sometimes far-flung employees.

“Especially with the GPS stamp, we have faith that our contractors are having face-to-face meetings that build our business”

In order to keep everyone in the agency on track, TSheets gives advertising, design and sales firms something they strive to bestow on other businesses: sex appeal. In a custom-tuned app, TSheets makes the once tedious task of time tracking a sleek, intuitive, easy to use, even pleasurable experience.

“The simplicity factor is huge. TSheets looks friendly and is streamlined…”

With a touch on an iPhone or a click on a screen, a creative can start billing any time the inspiration strikes, and switch clients or projects in a mood swing.

“Time keeping takes less time than it did before…”

Behind the scenes, estimates and job costing are also made easy with real-time reporting against jobs, clients or projects.

“We believed in TSheets. They were flexible and innovative, and willing to work with us.”