Franchises can save 2-8 percent on gross payroll costs simply by switching to mobile time tracking.

In-House Franchise Expertise

Learning your needs to help you succeed

Meet Paul Lewis, our franchise expert. Franchises are unique, which is why we have a dedicated franchise team on staff to help you customize your TSheets’ account and take advantage of all the benefits mobile time tracking has to offer!

Franchises are unique, which is why we have a dedicated franchise specialist on staff to help you customize your TSheets' account.

Paul Lewis

TSheets Head of Franchise

Fast and Easy Payroll

Take the runaround out of tracking hours

Save 2-8 percent on gross payroll costs simply by switching to mobile timesheets—in addition to all the time you’ll save deciphering and tracking down timesheets.

TSheets seamlessly integrates with top accounting software like QuickBooks, so say goodbye to manual entry and timecard processing. Just review employee time at a glance, click to approve, and your job is done!

TSheets custom report for franchisees.

Advanced Job Costing and Business Insight

Accurate insight at your fingertips

Access simple to read reports with just a click, to give you real-time insight into your most important (and most costly!) resource—your employees’ time. And with an intuitive mobile interface, accurate business insight is always at your fingertips, in the office or on the go.

Know exactly how much time was spent in all areas of your franchise, broken down by job, task, employee, shift, department, operation, and more, giving you the insight you need to make decisions.

Protect Your Business

TSheets gives you the high ground for audits, franchise disputes, or labor disputes

Labor disputes are on the rise. Arm yourself with an uneditable log of all time-related activity so you have a paperless paper trail at your fingertips anytime you need it. No one wants to worry about the possibility of franchise or labor disputes—and with TSheets, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing accurate records are on your side.

Accurately track employee breaks with TSheets.

Increased Profit Margins and Growth

Know where your labor hours and dollars are being spent, in real time

According to the American Payroll Association, the average amount of “time theft” (i.e., when employees take long lunches or breaks without accounting for it on their timesheets)—exceeds 10 minutes per day, per employee. TSheets curbs time theft, eliminates manual entry of time data, and helps you hone in on areas of your company that need streamlining or additional resources.

Franchises can view where there employees are working and what they're working on with GPS tracking.

Monitor and approve your employees time and location from your mobile phone.

Added Insight and Accountability—
Even on the Go!

With features like GPS tracking, a Who’s Working window view of all employees who are on the clock (and their locations!), mobile reporting options, and overtime alerts, keeping everyone on the same page is easier than ever. TSheets gives you a bird’s eye view of your employees and jobs, helping you and your employees stay in sync, up-to-date, and accountable.

Effective Employee Scheduling

Enjoy the power of time tracking + scheduling!

Did your employees clock in on time for their shifts this morning? Who’s available to take a last-minute job with your top customer? With TSheets Scheduling, you’ll always know! Combined with the power of time tracking, scheduling allows you to easily create and publish schedules, notify employees of important information or changes, and stay in the loop with useful notifications and alerts. And with power of scheduling on your mobile device, your shifts are always at your fingertips and under control, whether you’re in the office or on the go!

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