TSheets saves time and money for Freelancers and Independent Contractors.

Time Tracking for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Flexible time tracking that works wherever you do

The right time tracking app does more than just record the time spent on a job. It should also be able to help you with:

  • Project management, with visibility into overall workflow and progress
  • More accurate invoicing, as the result of better insights
  • Easy integrations, so you can use your favorite software platforms
  • Mobile flexibility, so you can track time wherever you go
  • Audit trails that help with record-keeping and transparency
  • A work-life balance, so you know when to "clock out" physically and mentally
  • GPS stamping, to provide another layer of accountability

Track Time Using iPhone, Android, Text, or Twitter

Put Time on Your Side by Accurately Tracking Projects

Get a personalized at the insights that matter

One of the biggest ways independent consultants and freelancers lose money is billing with estimates instead of actual hours. With TSheets, you can switch between projects, start and stop tracking as interruptions arise, and use the data for future bids, project management decisions, and expense forecasting.

Easy Invoicing by Project or Client

Get paid on time, every time

Invoicing accurately and getting paid quickly is one of the biggest hurdles freelancers face. Get paid on time, every time with accurate-to-the-second invoicing that's faster and easier than ever with TSheets' seamlesspayroll integrations. Track both billable and non-billable time against job codes in TSheets that can be customized to a particular client and available at a moment's notice.

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Don't have a payroll system? TSheets still has you covered. Simply install the freeinvoicing add-on with the click of a button

Time Cards for a Mobile Workforce

Mobile Accountability

Freedom, flexibility, and accountability hand in hand
Time Cards for a Mobile Workforce

Where you go, we go. TSheets is cloud-based,mobile time tracking that's available through apps, mobile sites, desktop widgets, tablets, and more, so you can clock in and out wherever work takes you, on the devices you already use every day. Working on multiple jobs at once? Switch projects with just a touch. Build your reputation, organize your day, and deliver tangible evidence of your hard work as needed.

TSheets for iPhone
TSheets for Android
Time Clock Kiosk

Seamless Integration with Top Apps for Freelancers

Integrate with these top freelance apps for business-building success

Gain the power to take payments anywhere, with mobile payment processing. Get paid quickly and easy over the phone, by email, or in person

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If you do freelance work on the go, Flint is a must. No swiper required, all you need is a smartphone to take payments from clients.

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The most trusted name in accounting. Going digital with your invoices is a must to getting paid on time and staying organized.

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Work-Life Balance

Accurate timesheets give you more time for what you love

As an independent consultant or freelancer, it can be easy to feel like you're always on-call or on the clock. Clocking in and clocking out not only gives you a more accurate picture of how much time you're spending on a given project or client, but it keeps small, untracked tasks from adding up.

A Paperless Paper Trail to Protect Your Hard Work

Get peace of mind with audit trails and time stamping

Protect your business from audits with automated time tracking

TSheets tracks and logs key information related to invoices and work activity. Meaning, you're covered in the event of an audit. Why? TSheets is more than just a timer. As a fully-functioning, online time tracker, TSheets takes a timestamp of every action within the account. This creates a breadcrumb trail, showing exactly when you clocked in, clocked out, and if you made any edits to your timesheets.

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