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Time Tracking for Health Care Professionals

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For doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, saving lives is par for the course. Keeping shifts covered, employees in the loop, and accountability in check can mean the difference between chaos and seamless collaboration. And a dose of TSheets time tracking and scheduling is all the preventative medicine you need. Need a timesheet solution for caregivers on the go? Try TSheets for home health care professionals.

Improved Accountability

Where is your staff? Now you know.

In the health care industry, the ability to see all hands on deck is critical. To make it happen, every doctor, nurse, and administrator needs a timesheet solution that won’t slow them down. TSheets time tracking builds implicit accountability into the system with GPS employee tracking and the handy Who’s Working window, so you can see your workforce in real time, at a glance.

See where your nurses or other employees are working with the Who's Working window.

Alerts and Notifications

TSheets remembers for you

After a 12-hour shift, remembering to clock out or take a break isn’t the first thing on your mind. Don’t worry, TSheets has your back. Customizable notifications can be set to alert employees by text or push notification to clock in, clock out, or take a break.

Employee Shift Scheduling

No more crossed wires, no more missed shifts

With TSheets Shift Scheduling, not only will you have all the tools to create and assign a new schedule in mere minutes, but employees are alerted by email or mobile device the moment it’s published, updated, or changed. It’s the ideal timesheet solution for doctors, nurses, and administrators on call. Create schedules from your desktop or our mobile app with ease.

Have nurses on call? Simplify your life with TSheets job and shift scheduling.

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Easy Approvals

One-click time card submission and approvals

The last thing anyone has time for is tedious manual time entry or squinting through a stack of paper time cards at the end of the day. With TSheets, see employee time in one simple dashboard, then simply click “approve” when you’re ready to send time to the back office.

Mobile Time Tracking

TSheets tracks time for staff on the move

In an ever-changing workplace like a hospital, clinic, or medical practice, TSheets allows your employees to track time however, whenever, and wherever makes sense with mobile time tracking apps and the TSheets Chrome App for desktops.

TSheets provides mobile timesheets on desktop, mobile and tablet.

TSheets doesn’t lose track of time or teams

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