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Timesheets for Caregivers and Home Health Care Professionals

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Caregivers and home health care professionals provide care, support, and companionship their patients count on. They’re constantly on the go, so they need a time tracking and scheduling solution that can keep up. That’s how TSheets saves the day. Need a timesheet solution for doctors, nurses, and administrators in medical offices? Try TSheets for health care professionals.

What Are Home Care Timesheets?

Home care timesheets are the best way for home health care providers to track and communicate the time they spend on the clock for different projects. Customizable home care timesheets take the guesswork out of time tracking and payroll for many home health agencies.

Mobile Time Tracking

TSheets accurately tracks time for home health care staff on the move

With patients in multiple locations, accurately and efficiently accounting for jobs, tasks, and time isn’t easy — unless you have TSheets. With TSheets, caregivers can easily track time and switch between tasks whenever, however, and wherever makes sense using mobile time tracking apps.

Mobile timesheets for home healthcare workers.

Accurate Timesheets

No more lost timesheets or rounded hours

For home health care employees, manually entering time on paper timesheets and spreadsheets leads to estimations, guesses, and inaccuracy. With TSheets, employee hours are tracked in real time, eliminating guesswork, inaccurate payroll, and client disputes. Plus, caregiver timesheets sync seamlessly with QuickBooks time tracking and other popular accounting and payroll software, eliminating manual entry and delivering fast and easy reporting, payroll, and client invoicing.

GPS Location Stamping

Accountability, safety, and DOL compliance

Home health care providers are four times more likely to experience violence on the job than any other professional. With employee time tracking on TSheets’ apps for iPhone and Android, GPS location points are automatically attached to caregiver timesheets when they clock in or out, change locations, change job codes, and more — keeping everyone safe and accounted for. Need to see where all your caregivers are at any point in the day? Open the Who’s Working window for a comprehensive view.

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See the difference GPS makes to your timesheets

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Accountability That Goes Both Ways

Protect your business and your employees

With TSheets, everyone is accounted for, so your business and your employees stay protected. Each clock in, clock out, or timesheet edit is recorded and stored in an easily accessible time log, which eliminates guesswork about who was doing what (and where!), should a client dispute or complaint arise.

In-App Employee Scheduling

Scheduling that gets the job done

With TSheets Employee Scheduling, not only will you have all the tools to create and assign a new schedule in mere minutes, but employees will be alerted by email or mobile device the moment it’s published, updated, or changed. Need to assign a new patient appointment on the fly? No problem. TSheets Scheduling is flexible — just like you!

Need reminders? Who doesn’t! For employees and caregivers out in the field with patients, it’s easy to forget to clock in or out. With home health care timesheets plus scheduling, managers and employers get a friendly reminder for missed clock ins or clock outs. And at the end of the week or month, managers can view a handy report to see scheduled hours versus actual hours worked to see where employees are logging more (or fewer) hours than expected!

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Schedule your home care workers via TSheets iPhone and Android apps.

FLSA Protection

Protect your business from costly lawsuits

The home health care industry is a big target for FLSA lawsuits. In fact, the health care industry ranks in the top five for FLSA wage and hour prosecutions by the Department of Labor. Specifically, home health care providers are among the worst hit. Accurate payroll, accurate and accessible records, and overtime alerts protect your business from labor disputes and expensive lawsuits.

How Time Tracking Can Protect Your Business From an FLSA Lawsuit

Time tracking can help your company avoid an FLSA lawsuit

TSheets cares about your time as much as you care about your patients

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