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Time tracking and worker management for restoration companies

Whether the job lasts days or weeks, TSheets has your in-the-field team members covered from start to finish.

Manage and track restoration teams from any device

When disaster strikes, time is a luxury. TSheets lets you know who’s available to work, so you can staff to better help those in need. TSheets time tracking works on the devices your employees are already using.

Crew icon.

Crew functionality

See who’s available via the Who’s Working window. Then assign and clock entire teams in and out from site to site.

GPS tracking icon.

GPS job tracker

Boost transparency with a GPS time tracker that logs and updates an employee’s location when they’re on the clock.

Geofencing icon.

Smart geofencing

Set up virtual fences around job sites, so employees can get alerts to clock in or out as they enter or exit the site.

Project tracking icon.

Project time tracking

Track tasks and labor hours against projected numbers in real time to bill confidently and create future estimates.

attach photos for visual updates

Photo attachments

Attaching photos to timesheets helps keep everyone on the same page. Photos verify project progress and completion.

Luggage icon.

Time-off tracker

Customize time-off policies to remove manual work and calculations. Approve or deny requests, and see current and future PTO balances.

Iphone using tsheets mobile time tracking app with gps.

Why restoration workers count on TSheets

Safety comes first for employees and the work they do. While restoration businesses help those in need, employees using TSheets to track time are also letting admins and managers know exactly where they are. This is critical, especially for those working in hazardous environments.

Most employees agree that GPS tracking in the workplace does more good than harm. In a global study by TSheets on GPS tracking in the workplace, workers identify the top four benefits of GPS time tracking:

  1. Tracking mileage and travel time
  2. Ensuring workers get paid what they’re owed
  3. Accountability
  4. Safety
Macbook with TSheets employee scheduling software.

How to schedule and track time for restoration employees

When your crew is cleaning up after humanmade or natural disasters, tracking their hours should be quick and easy. With the TSheets mobile app—available for Androids and iPhones—know that the hours tracked are always accurate for payroll, billing, and future job costing.

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
  2. Invite your employees to use TSheets.
  3. Go to Schedule.
  4. Create daily or weekly schedules.
  5. Enter details like start and end times, job descriptions, and notes.
  6. See Who’s Working for availability.
  7. Assign jobs to individual or all employees.

Automated timesheets and scheduling help restore order

Just a few days before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, 2,000 miles away at a SERVPRO® office in Boise, Idaho, Chris and Allie Isaacson were preparing to head south, right behind the storm. When any team arrives at the scene of a major disaster, they must be ready for anything.

TSheets employee time tracking and scheduling helps teams and mobile workforces weather any storm. Not to mention, it provides invaluable business insights, boosts profitability, and supports seamless communication.

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FAQs about time tracking for restoration companies

TSheets customers say they add, on average, 11% more billable time to their invoices just by tracking every second worked.1 They also say they save an average of three hours a week managing employee time.2

1TSheets surveyed 4,906 customers in the U.S. in December 2019. On average, businesses that report an increase in billable time added 11.46%.

2TSheets surveyed 4,906 customers in the U.S. in December 2019. On average, respondents who report time savings save 3.46 hours.

The TSheets Premium package includes GPS tracking. Upgrade to TSheets Elite to get geofencing added. TSheets designed both features to keep mobile teams connected. Learn more about what employers and employees should know about location-aware technology.

TSheets offers full and flat-file integrations with almost 50 partners to make your work easier. Don’t see what you want on our list? Give us a call at 888-836-2720.

Get time tracking that saves time when you and your clients need it most