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See Who's Working for Multiple Locations

Track Employee Time and Attendance Anywhere

Easy online time tracking and supervisor access on the go.

Tracking time and attendance across multiple locations has never been easier. Did everyone make it to work today? Who’s working at each location? Who’s on break and who’s available to help a customer? Those are all questions you may have as a retail manager, and you can answer them all with TSheets. Regardless of where you are or what time of day it is, you can login online or on a smartphone/tablet and more efficiently stay in the loop with your staff.

Square employee management works great with TSheets

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Run Payroll in Minutes

Save your precious time and sanity with seamless payroll integrations.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and punch cards being hand entered into your accounting software. Using TSheets means you can sync employee time directly into your accounting or payroll software with the click of a button. What once took hours can be reduced to minutes, and is as accurate as it is easy. Not sure how to integrate TSheets with your accounting software? We are happy to help with free, unlimited customer support. Never have time tracking, accounting and payroll been so zen.

Sync time directly to QuickBooks TSheets works great with Gusto

“My payroll for 45 people has shrunk from a 6-hour drudgery to a 45-minute necessity thanks to TSheets.” — North Idaho Dermatology

Employee Scheduling Software

Shift into high gear with fast, easy scheduling

Creating a new schedule, assigning shifts, and keeping your staff on the same page shouldn’t be a time-consuming, never-ending struggle. With TSheets Employee Scheduling, creating a new schedule—or copying last week’s—is as easy as a few clicks. Employees are sent text, push, or email notifications whenever the schedule is published or updated, and they can clock into a new shift right from their smartphones. Have multiple locations? You’ll get a bird’s eye view of each employee from one convenient dashboard with GPS technology and the Who’s Working window. Worried about no-shows? You’ll be alerted whenever employees don’t clock into shifts as scheduled. Read more About Employee Scheduling.

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TSheets offers an easy, cost-effective alternative to traditional punch time clocks on the jobsite.

On the Clock and Ready to Work in Less Than 12 Seconds

A fast, easy way for on-site retail employees to track time

TSheets offers an easy, cost-effective solution for tracking time in a store or restaurant. Using TSheets Time Clock Kiosk, employees clock in using a simple four-digit PIN. And thanks to Quick Clock In, they’re on the clock and ready to work within seconds. The time clock even snaps a photo of each employee who clocks in or out, while facial recognition ensures each employee is who they say they are. If something’s not right, admins will be notified immediately.

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Time Cards Your Employees Will Actually Use

Time tracking for accurate hours and paychecks.

TSheets makes time tracking for employees simple. Clock in and out, change job codes (or locations) with a simple click of a mouse or a tap on their favorite touchscreen device. With the new TSheets + Square integration, your employees can even clock in and out from your Register. At the end of their work week they simply select “submit” and their time is ready for manager approval and payroll processing. No more time entry errors, disputes over time worked, or panicking over lost time cards. Using TSheets, employees know they’ll get paid accurately for their time on the clock.

Simple, Mobile Time Tracking

Your employees can clock in anytime, anywhere.

Are your employees always on the go? The TSheets time tracking app for iPhone and Android are the crown jewel for smartphone users. Now, with the ability to track, then submit time for approval (at the end of the workweek), the entire time tracking process can be done from the palm of their hand. If given mobile permissions (by you or your administrator), your employees can clock in, clock out, change job codes and submit their time on the go. In cell service or out of cell service, accurate time tracking has never been easier.

Will Automating Your Time Tracking Actually Save You Money?

Calculate your estimated savings down to the cent.

The devil is in the details, and luckily TSheets has those covered too! Automating your payroll process can save you 2% (or more!) a year in gross payroll costs. Based on the number of employees and their hourly wage, you could be saving on one of your largest expenses—human resource allocation— in both bottom line dollars and administrative time spent running payroll.

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Real-time Data for Business Decisions

Know your actual labor numbers in real time.

Keeping an eye on actual numbers is just part of what makes your business successful. TSheets knows it’s a big part, which is why you can use the Report Feature from your web dashboard to access timesheet data in real time. Run payroll, check time allocation to projects, and even manage employee overtime. TSheets gives you the insight you need to successfully manage your team and their time.

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