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Time tracking and scheduling for retail and restaurants

Track time across any number of locations, and enjoy accurate payroll for your retail business or restaurant.

Track employees, save time on payroll

Forget handwritten timesheets and paper schedules. TSheets customers save three hours per week, on average, managing employee time.¹ That’s time you can put back into your retail business or restaurant.

Shift Scheduling
Mobile time tracking

Time tracking for painless payroll

Gone are the days of hand-entering employee hours into spreadsheets and accounting software. TSheets makes running payroll painless, so you and your employees can turn your attention back to the customer. Sync employee time directly with your accounting or payroll software. Not sure how to integrate TSheets with your accounting software? Every TSheets account comes with free, unlimited customer support, available over the phone or online chat.

Simple shift scheduling

With TSheets employee scheduling, creating a new schedule—or copying last week’s—is easy. Employees can get text, push, or email notifications whenever managers publish or change the schedule. And workers can clock in for shifts from their smartphones. If your city or state has scheduling laws, TSheets can help with that, too. Post fair workweek-compliant employee schedules, and stay ahead of unintended overtime with a scheduling solution that keeps everyone on the same page.

Time Clock Kiosk

Using the TSheets Time Clock Kiosk, retail and restaurant employees can clock in using a four-digit PIN. They’ll be on the clock and ready to work in seconds. Reduce buddy punching and increase accountability with facial recognition. Enable photo capture and facial recognition, and the time clock will snap a photo of every employee who clocks in or out. Any timesheet photo that doesn’t match gets flagged for admin review.

Mobile time tracking

The TSheets time tracking app for iPhone and Android makes it easy for employees to track time anywhere. Plus, employees can submit time for payroll from their smartphones. Complete the entire time tracking process from the palm of your hand. Even when employees are outside of cell service, TSheets records time tracked in the app and syncs when they’re back in range. Accurate time tracking from any location has never been easier.

Real-time data and reports

To run a retail business or restaurant successfully, you need all the insights you can get. That means keeping an eye on things like hours, overtime, and payroll. Run real-time reports from the TSheets web dashboard. Access important data when you need it, and make more informed decisions for the future of your business.

Real-time notifications

Tracking attendance can help you better understand what your business needs and improve your cash flow and labor costs. To help keep workers on track, employees can receive reminders to clock in or out or submit time for payroll. Notifications can also let employees know when they’re approaching overtime and when they’ve reached a job site with a geofence around it.

Why TSheets for retail and restaurants

TSheets makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to schedule shifts and track employee time. With TSheets Scheduling, employees always know when a shift has changed, preventing no-shows and overstaffing. Send shift notifications directly to your employees’ mobile devices to cut down on tardiness. TSheets time tracking and scheduling helps your employees stay informed.

FAQs for retailers and restaurants

In any business, it’s imperative to save time and work efficiently. But for retailers and restaurants, where margins are tight, nothing is more important than time management. And time management starts with time tracking. In TSheets, retail and restaurant managers can get a holistic view of how their employees are spending time on the clock. Managers can see how often employees work overtime, and if some employees work more than others. That information can help employers make decisions about schedules and hiring.

Businesses can use TSheets to track employee time, schedule employees and jobs, and perform job costing. TSheets cannot take payments or manage inventory. That said, TSheets integrates with other sales tools and POS systems, including Square.

1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
2. Invite your employees to TSheets from inside the app.
3. Add shifts to the schedule, assign your team, and select Publish.
4. Save your new schedule as a template to use in the future.
5. Run a Scheduled vs. Worked report for employees or jobs.

Save time and money on employee payroll with accurate time tracking and scheduling

1TSheets surveyed 2,473 customers in the U.S. on 9/27/18, asking, “Are you seeing any savings in the time it takes to manage employee time since you started using TSheets?” Respondents had a choice of selecting No, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, or entering the number of hours themselves into a free text field. The average time saved was then calculated from these responses.