The open sign is the number one signifier of a healthy retail business. So how can owners ensure stores open on time with staff on the sales floor?

"We bill to the minute, with no rounding up or down. Now everyone gets paid for actual time clocked in and out. The ability to show more accuracy makes clients happy too."

TSheets is designed to custom fit the retail industry and help it thrive in any economy. Everything from the scheduling of employees across multiple locations to managing overtime can be performed with integrated, seamless ease. The time-wasting duplication of handwritten time cards into a payroll or accounting system becomes a thing of the past. So retail stays on target.

Feature Rich, Industry Focused

  • Real time information and syncing across multiple locations
  • Managers can clock in groups of employees
  • Manual time card for retroactive time entry
  • Integration with payroll and accounting software
  • Easy timesheet adjustments
  • Customize the information you track (departments, labor code, work code, etc.)
  • Assign group managers and divisions
  • Overtime notifications