Save money with automated time tracking

A Business Owner’s Guide to TSheets

Building efficiency and saving money with TSheets

Fast and Easy Payroll

How to save hours on payroll each week

Payroll can often take several cumbersome hours, from collecting time cards, to deciphering handwriting, to manually entering the time into your accounting or payroll software. What once took hours could be shortened to 15 minutes, by using an accurate time tracker that syncs employee times directly into your accounting or payroll software. It can now become a fast, accurate, and easy payroll process.

QuickBooks timesheets automated for payroll Automatically sync employee time cards to payroll software

Business Insight

Now you can have real-time insight into employee time and project costs

Now you can accurately track employee time to projects for invoicing, forecasting expense management and more. Using TSheets, see at any given time where your employees are, the projects they are working on and total time spent on each project, job code, task, etc.

Are they approaching overtime? Know in advance and plan accordingly. Spending too much time on a specific project? Adjust employee allocation to stay under budget. It’s true business insight at your fingertips.

Employee Accountability and Peace of Mind

Helping employers and employees build trust and efficiency

GPS time clock for tracking employee jobs
As a business owner, you hope every employee will be honest and accountable. Vice versa, every employee desires to have your trust and be paid accurately and on time. TSheets makes both possible.

While TSheets smartphone apps track employee time and location while on the clock, TSheets helps employees build efficiency into their routes, and ensures they are paid for every minute on the clock (no forgotten time cards, illegible writing, data entry errors, or inaccurate paychecks.) TSheets time and GPS tracking is a road-worthy companion for employees and employers alike.

Employee Centric Time Tracking

Why your employees will love using TSheets

Time tracking employees will use and love

It’s hard to make time tracking sexy; trust us, we know. Yet, employees like getting paid, and TSheets focuses on making time tracking a great experience and a priority for employees to get paid accurately.

To do that, we are continually becoming more employee centric: making clocking in and out fast, easy and mobile, tracking time using devices employees already have and are familiar with (smarphones, cell phones, tablets, etc.), and offering employees the freedom of location in return for productivity and accountability while on the clock. It’s mutual trust, respect and higher productivity – made possible by a super sexy time tracker a.k.a. TSheets (can’t blame us for trying!)

Time Tracking at a Low Cost and a High ROI

Did you know you could be saving thousands on payroll?

Don’t take our word for it, take it from the American Payroll Association (APA) that a business can save 2% or more a year on payroll expenses (not including taxes, workers comp, etc.) by automating payroll. For a small business with 10 employees making an average of $10/hour, that’s almost $5,000 in total payroll savings a year. With a low monthly subscription rate, our customers often say they experience a 5-10% return on investment (ROI) with TSheets, not including the 15-20 hours saved each week on payroll. What are you waiting for? Find out how much you could be saving, today.

Protect Your Business

Now you can protect yourself against labor disputes and audits

Protect your business from audits with automated time tracking
Not a timer, TSheets keeps a “time stamp” for each clock in, clock out, and job change, protecting your business in the case of a labor dispute or audit. While other time trackers simply record that an employee worked eight hours (e.g. a timer), TSheets tracks that they clocked in at 8:01am, and clocked out 4:01pm for eight hours total.

And any changes made to an employee time card by employee or employer? All tracked in a comprehensive audit log. This accurate and audit proof time tracking is what makes TSheets DOL compliant, and a trusted time clock for your business.

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