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While TSheets Dial-in and TSheets Texting for time tracking in the U.S. and Canada have a small per user fee to cover phone and texting costs, Twitter does not. It’s free to text in your time using Twitter and of course, free to submit through Twitter online or the Twitter App. Some good things in life really are free!

Tweeting Time in “Real Time”

Employee work hours are visible to admins in real time

Know who is working and when
TSheets is not a timer. It’s a time tracker that tracks employee work down to the second – in real time. TSheets uses virtual time-stamping and provides accurate and up-to-date employee data for project costing, invoicing, payroll and more.

Now You Can Have Real-Time Reports with TSheets

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We love you too! Best APP EVER! I LOVE THIS APP! It has made time tracking easy and efficient. I 150% recommended this app to others! Well worth it! Cutting Edge, AThens, AL Via

Awesome app! It was a nightmare trying to get field workers to bring their timesheets to the office on time to invoice the clients. Now it’s SO great: I know how many hours they worked on any given job & day. The reports are great! I can export to QuickBooks and have all their hours for the payroll. Also I can have on my screen where they are working and how many hours / minutes they are on any job/task. Holland, rockville, md VIA

fun and… My time is tracked! So easy to clock in and out, switch job codes (with one click) and get a quick summary of my day. Jennifergh, Via iTunes

Very useful app. This app has allowed me to go completely mobile with my business. I use my iPhone, iPad, computer and text to track my time — much more accurate and convenient than a punch clock. bmedel, Via iTunes

Very handy app. Just started working part-time from home and need to keep track of my hours. Love this app’s clock in and out feature, weekly reports, and sync ability with TSheets online. ttstead, Via iTunes

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