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Accurate time tracking software and mobile app for lawyers and paralegals

Accurate billable time tracking is good practice for any law firm. TSheets makes it easy.

We’ve set the bar for time tracking

Fast, simple time tracking helps increase efficiency. Your billable hours are more accurate and invoicing is faster with TSheets. TSheets customers increase billable time by an average of 11%*

TSheets features legal professionals love

Easy invoicing

Record and report every pound your firm earns by tracking billable time and creating invoices easily.

Mobile app

Track jobs, tasks, clients, projects and more—all from a smartphone.

Audit protection

Get accurate paperless logs that provide information for all time entries and timesheet edits.

Manage clients and jobs

Track billable and nonbillable hours for your clients from one intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

Job costing

Accurate time data and one-click reports from your web dashboard show you exactly where your hours are going.

Desktop and mobile phone using TSheets mobile time tracking app.

Desktop and mobile app tracking

With multiple ways to track time, TSheets is the simple solution for law firm timesheets. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, or working on Android, iPhone, or a desktop, TSheets has you covered.

Laptop with time tracking reports

How to track time and invoice with TSheets

1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
2. Go to Feature Add-ons, Manage Add-ons and install Invoicing.
3. Create jobs and select Billable and set the hourly rate.
4. Open the Time Clock on the web dashboard or mobile app.
5. Select a job or task.
6. Select Clock In and track time against a client.
7. Select Invoices, then choose your client and date range.
8. Select Preview Invoice, then Finalise Invoice and Generate PDF.
9. Select View Invoice to print or send the invoice.

Why TSheets time tracking is great for law firms

Managing multiple clients, even on the go, is easy with TSheets. Track accurate billable hours no matter where you’re working.

FAQs about time tracking for solicitors

With TSheets, lawyers and paralegals can clock in and out, switch between clients and track billable hours. The mobile app allows for simple and effortless tracking. And the web dashboard has additional features, including editing timesheets, setting up jobs, running job costing reports and invoicing clients.

TSheets offers pricing packages to fit your needs, starting at $8 per user, per month, plus a $20 base fee (+ VAT). TSheets includes a 14-day free trial. And all packages include free, unlimited support online and over the phone. For more information, see plans and pricing.

*TSheets surveyed 4,906 customers in the U.S. in December 2019. On average, businesses reported an increase in billable time of 11.46%.

Start tracking time and billing more accurately