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Save Money and Time — Up to 11 Minutes per Employee

Time tracking and payroll that doesn’t waste dollars or resources

Technology moves fast, so small businesses need to stay up to speed. That’s why TSheets has seamlessly integrated with Wagepoint, one of the fastest-growing payroll solutions in North America, to become the go-to payroll software for small business owners who want to streamline their processes and make running business a breeze.

Small businesses love using TSheets time tracking with Wagepoint because they can capture employee time remotely, store the info in the cloud, run payroll even more easily, and create more advanced reports — while saving up to 11 minutes per employee!

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Goodbye, Manual Time Entry!

Accurate data every time

We know manual data entry is a pain, so with TSheets + Wagepoint, you no longer have to spend hours checking and double-checking that data gathered from TSheets is correct and ready to enter into Wagepoint. Employee timesheets upload to Wagepoint directly from TSheets. Tedious, error-prone work is eliminated, saving your hard-earned hours.

Manual time tracking is a pain. Upload employee timesheets directly from TSheets into Wagepoint.

Track Time Against

In the Cloud, on the Run

Small business problems solved

TSheets + Wagepoint solves for the advanced needs of business owners everywhere by giving them access to their critical data — anytime, anywhere. This cloud-based integration makes running payroll easier and more accurate than ever. By capturing time wherever your employees work — via TSheets’ mobile time tracking app with GPS tracking — business owners can easily manage labor expenses as they occur with accurate, detailed reporting at their fingertips. Plus, enjoy simple:

Accounting Professionals Love TSheets + Wagepoint

Beloved for accuracy and simplicity

“The TSheets integration with Wagepoint will save data entry time,” said Jennie Moore, founder of Moore Details Bookkeeping.

“With the movement of cloud accounting, we are all about automation. Not because we are lazy, but because we want to save time avoiding busywork. Data entry costs time. Automation saves time and allows us to onboard more clients.”

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Take on More Payroll Clients With Wagepoint + TSheets

Time tracking with all the extras

With TSheets, track time anywhere, on any device. TSheets time tracking comes standard with all the extras: time clock kiosk functionality, GPS tracking, overtime alerts, employee reminders to clock in and out, breaks and lunch deduction options, a Who’s Working view that shows all employees on the clock (plus what they are working on and their locations), one-click reporting options, and access to free, unlimited support by phone, chat, or email.

TSheets time tracking + Wagepoint payroll.

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