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The Windows time tracker your business needs

TSheets keeps your team on track and your business running, no matter where you’re working.

A simple Windows time tracker employees love

Need an easy-to-use, automated time tracker for Windows users? TSheets is your solution for more accurate timesheets. Sync TSheets with your favorite payroll and accounting software to streamline your payroll process.

Time tracking features for Windows

Kiosk icon.

Who’s Working window

Admins can see who’s working and where, using the Who’s Working window, accessible on the TSheets web dashboard and mobile app.

Manage team schedules

Create, edit, and share schedules with your team on your Windows desktop or laptop. Organize schedules by job or shift.

Multiple clock-in options

Employees can track time from any smartphone, tablet, or Windows computer with an internet connection.

Satellite icon.

Time and location tracking

Our time tracking app includes GPS tracking. Never wonder where your team is working. See where everyone’s at while they’re on the clock.

Notifications and alerts bell.

Smart alerts

Notifications alert you when employees go into overtime, and alert employees when their schedules change or they forget to clock in.

Reports icon.

Instant business insights

Create custom reports that show hours worked on tasks, jobs, and projects. With reports, you can better plan future tasks and projects.

Windows laptop running TSheets time tracking software.

How to track time on Windows

Clock in or out, switch jobs, and get detailed business insights on your Windows computer. To track time on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free 14-day TSheets trial—no credit card required.
  2. Invite your employees to track time on TSheets.
  3. Select the Time Clock from the left navigation.
  4. Select a job or task.
  5. Select Clock In
  6. Select Clock Out to stop tracking time.

Why TSheets for Windows time tracking

TSheets is a simple, automated time tracking solution that helps you save time and money. No more headaches over lost or inaccurate timesheets. TSheets customers save, on average, 6% on payroll costs and reduce the time it takes to run payroll by three hours.*

FAQs about TSheets for Windows

Employers who use TSheets will never have access to an employee’s location unless the employee is on the clock. Location data is stored on the employee’s mobile device and is only sent to TSheets when that employee clocks in. For more information on how TSheets tracks locations, visit our GPS tracking FAQ for employees, or our GPS tracking FAQ for employers.

95% of TSheets mobile app customers use less than 30 MB of data per month. That’s according to TSheets customer mobile data usage collected between February 2018 and April 2018. The same data showed, on average, TSheets mobile app customers use about 5 MB of data per month. You can check how much data the app is using on your iPhone by going to Settings > Cellular > TSheets. You can check how much data the app is using on your Android by going to Settings > App > Application manager > TSheets.

For Android users, the TSheets app requires about 30 MB of storage space. The TSheets iOS app requires about 15 MB. The exact amount of storage used by the TSheets app is affected by your role, the number of people you manage, and your permissions.

Experience the difference TSheets can make for your business

*Based on a survey of 924 businesses that use TSheets for payroll and report savings. On average, they report reducing the time it takes to run payroll by three hours and reducing gross payroll costs by 6% by increasing accuracy and reducing overpayments. TSheets conducted an internal survey in January 2018.