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TSheets + Xero

Xero Accounting software and TSheets time tracking integration.
TSheets time tracking software now integrates with Xero.
Easily export your employee hours from TSheets with one click and then use Xero to process payroll, create invoices, calculate job costing, and more.

Sync Your Timesheets to Xero

Eliminate tedious manual entry and costly mistakes

Time is tracked and approved—without a single duplicate entry or phone call to sleuth out a missing time entry. Now all that's left to do is export your employee hours to Xero with one click! Then simply use Xero to process payroll, edit and send invoices, calculate job costing, and more…all in record time!

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Xero in on Beautiful Time Tracking and Scheduling With TSheets!

Through a seamless integration with Xero, TSheets puts accurate employee hours at your fingertips--in real time.

Beautiful Payroll

Save hours running employee payroll—it's a beautiful thing

Through a seamless integration with Xero, TSheets puts accurate employee hours at your fingertips—in real time. Eliminate the hassle of tracking down and entering data from manual timesheets, add a new level of accountability that gives you accurate hours for billing and invoicing, and save hours in the back office processing payroll.

Learn more about simplifying payroll.

Create and edit invoices using employee time - invoices are automatically populated with employee hours tracked to customers.

Easy Invoicing

Create and edit invoices with a few clicks

With TSheets and Xero, it's easy to create and edit invoices using employee time. Invoices are automatically populated with employee hours tracked to customers! Simply create an invoice in TSheets and customize it to your liking, then sync it to Xero in a single click. Need to change the tax rate or adjust the spelling on an invoice after it's in Xero? No problem! You can easily edit the invoice once it's in Xero. Invoices sync with Xero and TSheets, so they'll be available for reference anytime.

Use real-time labor expenses to calculate profitability and estimate project costs.

Simple Job Costing

Use real-time labor expenses to determine profitability and estimate projects

The cost of labor is the #1 expense for businesses in the US. Giving yourself an accurate window into how those hours are being spent, and where, is critical to success.

With TSheets, your employee hours are always ready and available, in down-to-the-second detail. Determine profitability, make accurate estimates for new projects, create bids with confidence, forecast payroll, and evaluate productivity--no more guesswork.

In-App Scheduling

Time tracking and scheduling, hand in hand
Beautiful accounting and time tracking is made better with beautiful employee scheduling

Beautiful accounting and time tracking can only be made better withbeautiful in-app scheduling that allows you to save even more time on back office tasks. TSheets lets you scheduleemployees by job orby shift, and allows employees to clock into the schedule right from their smartphones.

TSheets is a Xero add-on that directly integrates with Xero Accounting and Xero Payroll.

Works with Xero Accounting and Payroll

Mobile timesheets that stay in sync with your accounting or payroll software

TSheets directly integrates with Xero Accounting globally, and Xero Payroll in the United States, and Australia. Sync accurate timesheet data, and even invoices, with just one click to Xero. You can even edit the timesheets and invoices in Xero, if necessary. TSheets time tracking can help withDOL and DCAA regulation compliance, and is detailed, accurate, and easy to use however and wherever you need it. Your employee hours are now logged to your Xero account and ready for payroll or invoicing. In addition, TSheets + Xero also work well together with Gusto, Square, Qvinci and Expensify.

TSheets comes with GPS tracking, overtime alerts, employee reminders to clock in and out, breaks and lunch deduction options, and way, way more.

All the Extras

No nickels, no dimes, just everything you need to track time

With TSheets, your beautiful time tracking comes standard with all the extras:GPS tracking, overtime alerts, employee reminders to clock in and out,breaks and lunch deduction options, aWho's Working view that shows all employees on the clock and their locations,one-click reporting options,mobile management tools, and—last but definitely not least—access to free, unlimitedsupport by phone, chat, or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can TSheets + Xero do for my business?

If you're like most businesses, labor hours are your biggest expense. Xero and TSheets can help you track them more accurately—which means better business insight, more billable hours, and more protection from labor disputes and audits. Just track time in TSheets, then import to Xero with a click and run payroll or create invoices. What once took hours now takes just a few minutes!

What other benefits will I gain from employee time tracking with TSheets?

TSheets can help you more effectively manage overtime expenses withhandy overtime alerts that notify managers and employees as pre-set limits approach. The software also includes handy clock-in/out reminders and easy lunch and rest break options. You'll also gain access to a whole new level of insight into your business with one-click reports and a "Who's Working" dashboard that lets you see at a glancewhere your employees are located during their working hours.

What sets TSheets apart from other employee time tracking solutions?

Many employee time tracking solutions advertise an employeescheduling solution as part of the package—but you'll find that this "scheduling" is little more than a glorified Excel sheet. TSheets time tracking is unique in that it offers a complete scheduling solution hand in hand with arobust time tracking solution. This offers immeasurable benefits in terms of efficiency, employee accountability, quick and easy payroll, and business insight.

Where can I read about other companies like mine that are successfully using TSheets and Xero?

Learn howCooreman Properties is seeing a big payoff with TSheets + Xero. You can read about other companies just like yours who are benefitting from TSheets in ourResource Center.

Can I do a trial run to see if this meets my business's needs?

You definitely can! We offer aFREE 14-day trial—no credit card required!

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